Internet Friends: How To Build Good Relationships Online

How to meet people and make acquaintences on line, includes safety issues and the process of meeting and interaction.

The Internet is becoming a very popular way of meeting people and making friends today. There are many different ways you can meet people on the internet, many different chat rooms, message boards and personal pages. Maintaining these new found friendships can be difficult though and getting to know someone well over the internet and creating a lasting friendship is a hard task.

If you are looking to make friends using the medium of the Internet, the easiest place to meet people is in a chat room. Try going into a chat room that has a topic of interest to you, or a chat room specifically catering to your age group. This way you will meet people with similar interests to yourself and you will have something to initially get the conversations going.

Once you have met someone on the Internet it is best to find out as much as you can about them early on. Never give out too much personal information on yourself. Although the person you are chatting with may seem trustworthy, you never really know whom or what is at the other end of the conversation, so be aware.

Internet friendships are like any other friendship in the fact that to be maintained you have to work on them. If you are expecting to make a good friendship on the Internet, you cannot just log in every few months when you are bored and expect your friend to welcome you with open arms. If you are looking to make the friendship work, chat, email, keep in contact with the person and get to know more about them and build trust. Ask the person questions and share information about yourself but never give details that could put you at risk, such as your address and phone number etc.

Many people choose to phone or meet some of the friends they make online. This can be good for the friendship but it is also very risky. Never meet or ring someone you are unsure of or don't feel you could trust. If you are going to give your friend your phone number, just keep in mind they that may just ring whenever they feel like it. If you are going to meet your friend, play it safe. Meet in a public place and even perhaps take someone you trust along with you. This person that you take with you could either meet your Internet friend with you, or they could just watch from afar to make sure that everything seems to be going ok. Don't take risks that you wouldn't usually take just because you feel like you know your Internet friend because perhaps you have been chatting online for such a long time. If you wouldn't usually hang out alone with someone you just met, don't do it now! Once you know the person better and trust them, you will be better able to decipher what is right and safe for you to do.

Be prepared when you meet or call your Internet friends. Remember that all you will know about this person is what they have told you and they could be lying. They may not necessarily look or sound or be like what that they say they are, and you may be disappointed.

Friendships come and go and this may end up being the case with some of your Internet friendships. If you want them to stand the test of time though, put the work in and be a good friend to the other person too. Many people find it very easy to meet people on the Internet. The lack of personal contact makes people feel less vulnerable and gives confidence that many people do not have with people usually. This is great but it can also be a downfall, as confidence can lead people to task risks that they wouldn't usually and can open people up to get hurt. Enjoy the Internet and making friends online but always remember to be careful and play it safe.

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