Internet Investing: Finding Bonds Online

How to find bonds online: a guide to search engines, web sites, and other Internet resources for locating municipal, corporate, or treasury bonds.

Technology is no doubt full speed ahead into the future and bond investing online has suddenly become a new way of pursuing one's financial dreams at the touch of a keyboard. Yet when it comes to using that technology many of us are often left in the dark wondering where to begin our search.

You don't need to be left in the dark, however, when it comes to finding bonds online. Many resources are available through search engines online by simply typing in the word bonds. What you'll find are various links to websites that can assist you in investing in bonds online and some places that you might not have even considered.

While many of us know of the website yahoo, some might not be familiar with yahoo's bond center. The site offers a detailed amount of information on bonds including a bond glossary, composite bond rates, a bond screener where you can search for bonds and even a market summary.

Another familiar website is MSN which allows online investors to do a search within MSN Money for Bonds where you can find results such as low cost ways to buy bonds and twenty strong bond funds. There is even a section called "What bond investors need to know" with plenty of bond resources and tools as well as information.

Bonds Online is another site offering all kinds of information on types of bonds, bond portfolios, bond investing, investing tools and even a fixed income research center for those of us on a budget.

Bond Page is also a good place to search for bonds, especially for those of us who are on a fixed income. The site is connected to bonds online and offers a large amount of information on bond offerings, quotes and fixed income securities.

Another useful site is investing In Bonds. They offer municipal and corporate bond trade information pages as well as an investors' fraud alert section. The site also posts prices on municipal, corporate and treasury bonds.

Kiplinger is also a site worth browsing through. There is a getting started section where investors will find answers to savings bonds questions and more. Kiplinger also has a bond tools section that shares information on purchasing bonds and which bonds are better.

If you've decided you would rather invest in simple savings bonds, bureau of the public debt might be of interest to you. You can find your bonds worth, build an inventory, calculate your bonds or simply invest in your savings bonds with a few clicks of your mouse.

And of course it's no surprise that the US government also offer information on savings bonds online. You can open an account with them and purchase savings bonds, find out about other ways to purchase bonds, and more. They also have information available for corporate and government investing as well.

Whether you are looking for a simple way to invest a little money or a means of achieving your financial dreams and goals, today's online technology is as easy and rewarding as a simple mouse click away.

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