What Is An Invisible Fence?

What is an invisible fence? An invisible fence is an electric dog, cattle, and animal fence. An invisible fence acts a barrier just like a typical fence does. The only difference is that invisible fences...

An invisible fence acts a barrier just like a typical fence does. The only difference is that invisible fences shock animals that come into contact with it. Our fencing expert Mark Williams explains how it works.

"You put an electric wire on top of your fence or on the bottom. If the dog touches it, it gives it a shock. That fence is above ground and it's invisible. It also needs grounding wires. That's not recommended mainly for dogs; it's recommended for cattle. If you want to put invisible fencing, you have to run a copper wire to conduct electricity. You run it down into the ground and the dog has a sensor collar. Once they pass that sensor collar, the electricity keeps them inbound," Williams says.

According to www.dogpatch.org, invisible fences can be used around yards that are hard to put a fence around. This type of fence also requires less care and attention. It is also used for dogs that easily jump over fences or dig under them. The cost of an invisible fence is also a lot less steep than a regular fence.

If your fence is damaged or has breaks in it, an invisible fence will act as a second barrier. With some dogs, the invisible fence will succeed where all other methods and fences fail. However, you do have to train your dog not to go near the fence to prevent shock treatments.

Williams says the invisible fence works only if you put collars on the animals in your yard. These collars are linked to the wiring system in the ground. It will not keep other dogs or wild animals from entering your property. This type of fence works effectively in communities where above-ground fencing is prohibited.

Some drawbacks to the invisible fence: if you have a dog that is panicking, it may try to jump or dig near the perimeter of the fence anyway. In essence, dogs can shock themselves repeatedly if they are full of anxiety. Also, owners of invisible fences have to regularly test collars to be sure that batteries are functioning. You must monitor whether the wire that provides the invisible fence is intact and has power, as well.

According to www.dogpatch.com, many pet owners view invisible fences as a cruel method of punishment for dogs. Many claim that the shocking treatment given by invisible fences has lasting behavioral consequences on dogs.

Another important side note: if you have more than one dog, you have to get more than one collar. However, if one is a large dog and the other small, or if you have a long hair and a short hair, the shock is felt at different levels by each dog, as the size of the shock on most of these systems is controlled by the ground unit. What keeps one dog in may be too little or too much for the other to understand or deal with.

Invisible fences are used widely in many ranches for livestock. Whether you decide this type of fence works for you or not, Williams says it can be an effective barrier when used properly.

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