Invitation Wording Samples And Tips: How To Word Your Easter Party Invitation

Planning on hosting an Easter party this year? Here are some free invitation wording samples and templates to help inspire you when writing your own Easter party invitation.

When Christian adults think of Easter, they are reminded of the miraculous resurrection of Christ and church services honoring this glorious act. On the other hand, when kids think of Easter, their eyes glaze over as thoughts of chocolates, Peeps, and egg hunts drift through their heads. If you will be throwing an Easter party this year, you will have many different themes to choose from. If your party will be geared towards children, you can make the invitation light-hearted and fun, mentioning the famed Easter rabbit, the egg hunt and candies galore. Or, if your party will be taking on a more serious tone honoring the religious holiday, you can create your invitations more formally. Here are some free wording samples and templates you can use when creating your own Easter party invitations.

For kids:

Hop, hop, hop...

The Easter bunny has dropped all his candies on our grass...

so you're invited to come over and hunt for candies and eggs after Mass!

The Johnson family requests the honor

of your family's presence

at the Annual Johnson Easter Egg Hunt

on Sunday, March 27th

at 1:00 p.m.

The Johnson residence

7834 Elm Drive

Dallas, Texas

Bring your Easter baskets!

Map and directions enclosed

Adults and kids alike will have lots of fun

at our Easter Holiday Super Egg Hunt!

Join our church family as we throw

an Easter Egg Hunt

on Sunday, March 27th

at 3:00 p.m.

St. Anthony's Catholic Church

78 Spirit Drive

Austin, Texas

Children's hunt starts at 3:00, immediately followed by the adult hunt

Refreshments will be served

Don't forget your Easter baskets!

Map and directions on back

If you will be providing an Easter lunch, dinner or simple refreshments, be sure to indicate that on the invitation, so guests know if they should eat before attending the party. It is always a good idea to enclose a map or textual directions with the invitation so guests do not get lost.

For a more formal invitation:

You and your family are cordially invited to join

our family for an Easter lunch

Sunday, March 27th

at 1:30 p.m.

at the Johnson residence

8111 Lark Street

Miami, Florida

RSVP by March 24th, 215.555.1212

Map and directions on back

Easter is a time for hope and rejoicing...

Please celebrate with our family

on Easter Sunday

March 27th, immediately following Mass

at the Herrmann residence

8721 Willow Creek Drive

Round Rock, Texas

Lunch will be provided

RSVP by March 22nd, 512-555.1212

Map and directions on back

Bring your favorite dish or dessert

as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, our Lord

on Easter Sunday

March 27th at 1:00 p.m.

Basement of St. John's Cathedral

83 Holy Way

Corpus Christi, Texas

Map and directions on back

If, like in the above example, you will be holding a potluck and wish for guests to bring a dish or dessert, indicate that on the invitation itself. On one of the invitation templates above, the phrase "immediately following Mass" was used. These would be used as invitation you pass out to the regular church-goers of your particular church. If you are inviting a mixture of people, including friends and neighbors who may not attend the same church as you, indicate a specific time.

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