Invitation Wording Samples And Tips: How To Word A Housewarming Party Invitation

Planning a housewarming party but have not sent out invitations yet? Try using one of these templates.

Congratulations! You have a new place to call home. There is nothing like moving into your first new home or moving from one home into another one. Whether the house was recently built or was previously owned, it is new to you and you will want to show it off to your family and friends before long. More than likely, you will want to host your own housewarming party, but make sure you allow yourself adequate time to completely unpack and situate yourself into your new home before you set any hard dates for a housewarming party. Nothing will get you out of the party mood faster than having to rush the week before the party to get your entire house in order and decorated. A housewarming party does not have to take place the first week or even the first month. Set a time for a housewarming party a month or two months out and slowly work on unpacking your house little by little before the date arrives. When you send out your housewarming invitations, you can use one of the following templates.

For the couple who has moved out of an apartment and into a house:

Apartment living had become an old fad,

So we moved out and into our own new pad!

Come to our housewarming party

Saturday, April 9th

7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

6644 Hill Berry Lane

Refreshments will be provided

Directions on back

One thing to keep in mind is to always provide directions somewhere on or with your invitation. Especially if you are living in a new subdivision that may not be listed on an online mapping website, you will want to include written directions from both north and south of you, as well as a small map.

For those who have moved from one home into another:

With the kids gone, the house seemed so big,

So we moved out of that one and into new digs!

Check out our new home and have brunch

Sunday, November 14th

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

234 Mount Everest Road

Directions on back

You will notice that I have not mentioned gifts on any of these invitation templates. A housewarming party is not a call for gifts and presents and, thus, they should never be expected. A housewarming party is simply a celebration to show off a new home to friends and family. Thus, you will not want to make the mistake of getting "registered" anywhere for your housewarming party and listing that on your invitation. If your friends, neighbors or family feel so inclined, they may bring you a gift on their own, but it should not be a given.

For those who have moved out of their parents' house and into their own home:

I sure love my parents but it's high time I roam

Into college, a new job and now a new home!

Come celebrate with me on

Friday, May 20th

7:30 pm - Midnight

Refreshments and setups provided


Directions on back

If you wish to have liquor at your party, it is common for the host to provide setups (ginger ale, soda, juices) while the guests provide the liquors to mix with the setups. Again, always provide precise directions.

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