Invitation Wording Samples And Tips: How To Word A Thanksgiving Feast Invitation

Did you decide to send out invitations to your Thanksgiving feast this year? Here are some sample invitation templates to inspire you.

Maybe you host Thanksgiving every single year or maybe each year a different member of the family gets blessed with that honor. You will have planned the feast down to the very last side dish and pie and you will have created an Autumn-inspired centerpiece that would put Martha Stewart to shame, but you may have forgotten one teensy weensy thing: the Thanksgiving invitations. You may be asking yourself why you need to go to all of that trouble when the same exact people show up to the family or friend Thanksgiving feast every single year. Sending out Thanksgiving invitations is an easy way to glam up the yearly feast and get your family and friends excited about the upcoming feast. This does not mean you have to create Victorian-inspired invitations complete with wax stamp on the back, but it does mean you should create and

send out the invitations at least two weeks in advance, especially if the feast will be at a new home that many of your family and friends have yet to visit, so you can provide directions. If you are including directions, you may want to also include a small map on the back, as well as a phone number. Here are a few Thanksgiving invitation ideas you may want to use.

For something a little silly:

1) Gobble, Gobble!

After the Thanksgiving feast, our bellies will Wobble, Wobble!

Join the Carver Family for Thanksgiving dinner

Thursday, November 25th

123 Oak Wood Drive

7:00 pm

Directions to June and Bob Carver's home on back

2) I can't imagine anybody else I'd rather be in a

Food-induced coma on the sofa with than you!

Come join the Elroy family on our gluttonous

Thanksgiving holiday!

Thursday, November 25th

2397 Jones Blvd.

11:00 am

Directions and map to the Elroy family ranch on back

3) The turkey and ham have been laid to rest

So come join the Cantu family's Thanksgiving fest!

Thursday, November 25th

413 Elm Road

6:30 pm

Directions and map to the Cantu family abode on back

4) The turkey has been basted and the table all set

All we need now is you as a guest!

Join us for a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king!

Thursday, November 25th

6534 Juniper Lane

7:30 pm

Directions and map to the Evans family on back

If you are going for a more elegant theme:

1) Join us for Thanksgiving dinner on

Thursday, November 25th

To give thanks for the many blessings bestowed on our


6543 Petersburg Lane

6:00 pm

Directions and map on back

2) There are few things we are more thankful for

Than having our family in our lives!

Help us celebrate Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25th

6785 Harper Lane

Peter and Janice's Home

Directions and map on back

Again, remember to always include directions and a phone number where you can be reached, in case your guests get a little lost. If your Thanksgiving feast is more of a potluck or assigned course meal, make sure to handwrite or type in what the guest should bring, for example, a dessert, drinks or a side dish.

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