What Does My IQ Mean

What does my IQ mean? Do you know what your IQ is? Find out!

Do you know what your IQ, or intelligent quotient is? A lot of people do, especially if their intelligent quotient is over the average range of one hundred. Your intelligence quotient is considered to be the level of learning you will achieve in your lifetime. Some employers still use this method to find out how well an applicant is able to learn.

Generally, if a person is tested and his or her intelligence quotient is within a certain range, the person is considered to be placed in one of nine classifications, the lowest one being below twenty. This classification means that the person is capable of learning only very minimal life skills. This person would need a life-long caretaker in order to fulfill their needs.

The next level is a person who has an intelligent quotient between twenty and thirty-nine. This person is considered to need a life-long caretaker as well. The only exception is that this person should be able to communicate in simple words and phrases as well as learn and perform some basic self-care techniques.

A person who is placed in the forty to fifty-four intelligence quotient level is a bit more trainable than the last level. However, this person is expected to only be able to acquire the intelligence level of an average child who is about seven or eight years old.

The next level of a fifty-five to sixty-nine intelligence quotient pertains to a person who is expected to be able to learn to read and write. This person can successfully learn as much as an average twelve year old. As an adult, the person can learn enough to live on his or her own.

The seventy to seventy-nine intelligence quotient range is usually considered to be reached by a person who may possibly have learning disabilities, while a person who scores in the next higher range--eighty to eighty-nine--is considered to be able to learn, but possibly not as quickly as the other persons their same age.

An average intelligence quotient is considered to be one hundred. However, the range actually extends from ninety to one hundred and nine.

Just one point higher and the person is catapulted into the one hundred and ten to one hundred and nineteen intelligence quotient range. This person is considered to be mentally superior to his or her average counterparts. Add one more point, and the person who has an intelligence level from the one hundred and twenty to one hundred and forty range is considered to be even more superior in intelligence. And, finally, if a person's intelligence quotient is found to be above one hundred and forty, that person is considered to be a genius in mental intelligence. This level is not reached very often, though.

To find out your intelligence level, you might try contacting the high school that you graduated from, as schools often give tests to find out a person's mental ability. Actually, the test results are not used to label a person as being "dumb" or "smart". Rather,they are used to predict in what areas the person being tested will be successful.

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