Islam And America

Learn about Islam and how it is in America. All about Muslims living in the West, How people relate to them, what It is like as a Muslim in America

The first Muslims in America were most likely African slaves brought by force to America during the slave trade.

However, due to the slave traders changing the slaves' names, their heritage was often lost. But the documents that have survived will often have names like "Muhammad" or "Abdul," which are Arabic names given for the most part to Muslims.

Areas like Morocco and East Africa were areas that had been conquered by the Muslims and thus people from these areas were usually followers of Islam. They were often sold into slavery and were not allowed to practice their religion.

It is documented as early as 1880 that the first Muslim immigrants arrived in America by way of ships. They were mostly from Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

These early immigrants were Arabic-speaking peoples who for the most part came as traders and laborers. Many paid for their trip to America by becoming servants to the upper-class citizens who paid for them to come over. More often than not, this was not the best situation, since the debt to be paid often required many years of hard labor and an enormous effort.

There are still communities of Muslims descended from these immigrants, such as in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This community is over 100 years old, and the descendents of the first immigrants to Cedar Rapids still live in the town.

Many people are unaware of the number of Muslims in America. They are estimated at 6 million, making Muslims the second largest religious group in America after Christians.

There are Mosques in every large city in America, filled to the brim on Friday, the Muslim Sabbath, with Muslims from every nationality. I know many Muslims from India, Pakistan,

the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc., as well as a growing number of American Muslims.

Islam a very fast growing religion worldwide, and in every country you will see Islamic centers and schools.

Muslims in America live the same as their non-Muslim neighbors, other than the fact that we observe 5 daily prayers, fast during Ramadan, give alms to the poor, and make pilgrimages to Mecca.

We love to do many of the things other people do. We see movies, go to the market, run errands, etc.

The fallacy that all Muslims are terrorists is a daunting stereotype that often makes Muslims the target of hate crimes. I have seen Muslims get assaulted and called names by people who think all Muslims are violent criminals. Not all Muslims are fundamentalist fanatics who bomb innocent people. Muslims that I have met are loving, kind people who are genuinely caring and warm individuals who love the opportunities they have been given by living in this great country.

Living in America has given many Muslims the chance to practice this religion with freedom, whereas many other countries do not. Muslims in America have many large communities, stores, and businesses that being in America has allowed them to have. Being a Muslim in America is hard due to the religious discrimination, but in time people will learn that Muslim Americans are also Americans, and deserve the rights given to any other American.

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