Italian Charm Bracelets

Versatile and easy to personalize, Italian charm bracelets are replacing traditional charm bracelets and growing in popularity.

Traditional charm bracelets, composed of individual charms that dangle from a chain bracelet, reached the height of their popularity in the 1950's.While traditional charm bracelets have never really gone out of style, Italian charm bracelets have given charm bracelets a trendy new look.Having rapidly risen to popularity, Italian charm bracelets are a newer modular design that consists of rectangular links that interlock to form a stretch bracelet.

Italian charm bracelets are popular as fashion statements and collectibles.Because the charms are so easily interchangeable, Italian charm bracelets are versatile accessories.They can be coordinated with a variety of outfits, changed to suit any mood, and be dressy or casual.People of either gender wear Italian charm bracelets at any age and collect the links that suit their individual personality and style.

People who wear Italian charms usually begin with a plain bracelet, and each time they get a charm or a decorative link with an emblem or design, a plain link is replaced with that charm.These links are easy to add, remove, and rearrange without any tools or special skills.The size of the wearer's wrist will determine the number of links, or charms, that he or she will need in the bracelet.For a comfortable Italian charm bracelet, children usually require thirteen to fifteen links, while women usually require sixteen to nineteen links.Men may require twenty or more.

People buy their own Italian charms, give or receive them as gifts, and trade them with friends.They select their charms from well over 5,000 different charm designs available through a variety of retailers. Charms from differing Italian charm brands will interlink with each other, making it easy to come up with a personal and unique combination in an Italian charm bracelet.Charms of varying materials, quality, and intricacy range in price from three dollars to fifty dollars for a single charm.While many Italian charm bracelets are inexpensive, they are usually of great sentimental value.Italian charm bracelets can be great conversation pieces due to the meanings and origin of each charm.

Whether the Italian charm bracelet has a theme or is a combination of different charms, it has a special meaning for the wearer.Italian charms are often connected into bracelets based on the theme, and they can be purchased as a set or designed on the basis of personal interests.Some popular themes include special events, travel, hobbies, sports, nautical, animals, and flowers.Choosing a theme is not necessary; any charms can be combined to suit the owner's preferences.Popular individual charms include flags, hearts, initials, symbols, and may contain stones or gems.A charm can be found for any person or occasion.Zodiac sign and birthstone charms are commonly given as birthday gifts.Graduation caps commemorate diplomas, ballet slippers are for dancers, and "mom" charms celebrate Mother's Day.

Italian charms encourage buyers to come up with unique combinations and create their own bracelets.The demand for Italian charms has, in turn, inspired more creativity in concepts and designs.For example, some charms can even be made with your favorite photographs or a personalized message.There are also watches available with charm-bracelet-style bands.As long as new charms are developed and the links are uniquely combined, Italian charm bracelets will remain fresh and new.

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