Jack O'lantern Carving

Steps on carving a jack-o'-lantern. With ideas on how to decorate your yard with a jack-o'-lantern.

Making a jack-o'-lantern for use as a decoration on Halloween is always a fun project to do especially for children. When making a jack-o'-lantern your able to use your imagination and when your all done creating a jack-o'-lantern you get the satisfaction in knowing that it's your own creation.

First you will need to have a pumpkin. These can be picked from your own garden or purchased from a store or farmers market. A pumpkins size can range from small to really large.

Wherever you decide to make the jack-o'-lantern whether it's on the kitchen table or floor you should cover the surface with an old newspaper because making jack-o'-lanterns can end up being a really messy project.

You will then need to cut a hole around the stem of the pumpkin usually large enough to fit your hand through. When doing any cutting on the pumpkin you should do the cutting yourself because you need to use a sharp knife to cut through the pumpkin's rind. Which could end up being dangerous for children. Stores do carry special cutting packages which are safe for children to use.

You then have to pull out the hole you made on the top so you can use your hand to take the filling out of the pumpkin. After your done removing the pumpkin's insides you

should use a spoon to scrape around the edges of the pumpkin so the inside of the pumpkin is smooth. If you want you can save the pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven to eat as a yummy treat.

After your done doing this you can draw a face design on the pumpkin. You should draw two eyes on the top, a nose in the middle between the eyes and a mouth. You can use any shapes you want like triangles, circles and squares to name a few. But don't limit your ideas to these. You then proceed to follow your drawn line and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth completely. Stores also sell more detailed patterns to design the pumpkin with like Frankensteins face to name one.

Well after doing all this your jack-o'-lantern is done. You can leave it outside on your porch, walkway or wherever else you wish to use it as a decoration. Some people even

make a display outside where they put hay bales up with some dried corn stalks and then put the jack-o'-lantern's around the hay bales and corn stalks. On Halloween night you could put a candle in the jack-o-lantern this makes it light up.

If you never made a jack-o'-lantern you should try making one this Halloween because they're fun to make and are a great way to spend a few hours doing something with your children you both will enjoy.

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