Jamaica: Resorts, Cost, Clothing And Weather

Jamaica, the eastern most island of the Caribbean, offers many options for the vacationer in search of amazing white sandy beaches and gorgeous crystal waters.

Jamaica, the eastern most island of the Caribbean, offers many beaches for the vacationer in search of amazing white sandy beaches and gorgeous crystal waters. There are also breathtaking waterfalls, secluded rivers, tropical rainforests, and acres of rolling mountains on this island. It is the island of "One love, many people" that offers something for everyone-especially those in search of the perfect beach vacation.

There are resorts, hotels, villas, and condos that cater to every budget consideration. The most effort in planning a beach vacation to Jamaica should really be focused on finding the best rates on airfare. The high season in Jamaica is the winter season from December 15 to April 14. The winter season is the most popular time to visit the island. Reservations should be arranged at least 2 to 3 months in advance to ensure that accommodations are available during planned dates of travel. Airfare and accommodations will be more economical outside of these dates.

Jamaica's average annual temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit with extremes ranging from 65 degrees to 95 degrees. There is always a fresh sea breeze by day and a gentle mountain breeze during the evening. Even in the summer months, temperatures are only a couple of degrees warmer than in the winter. Autumn months is when the most rainfall occurs in Jamaica, but brief rainfalls are followed by sunshine.

Jamaica is known as the birthplace of the "all-inclusive" resort experience. There are many resorts on this island that offer upfront pricing for unlimited meals, drinks, and watersports with accommodations. This concept is a great value for travelers who want a no-hassle vacation. This vacation option virtually allows you to leave your wallet at home while you are on vacation. This vacation also, however, limits travels a bit from exploring the beautiful island and people outside of the resort. Travel tours to local points of interests are prices for tourists and are not included in the all-inclusive pricing.

The clothing you choose to take with you to Jamaica is somewhat dependent on your accommodations. Obviously, it is summer all year around on this island, so summer apparel is your best choice. The philosophy on the island in general is a "no problem" attitude so casual attire is definitely recommended. You are on vacation after all. However, if your accommodations are at one of the more upscale resorts that populate the island, you will need to bring semi-formal wear. This includes jackets for the men and dresses for the ladies. If you are staying at one of the world-renowned Hedonism resorts that cater to uninhibited couples and naturalists, clothing that is packed should be minimal. There are many au natural beaches on the island of Jamaica. It is an international tourist locale and natives of many other countries are less conscious than Americans of au natural sunbathing.

Don't forget to check online travel auction sites, ebay, and online discount travel and airfare portals for deep discounts for travel to Jamaica. There are often last-minute travel opportunities that can offer substantial discounts for a beach vacation to this island. Also, traveling to Jamaica requires photo identification such as a driver's license and an official copy of a birth certificate. A passport isn't necessary to visit this country.

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