About Jan Marini Skin Products

By Pauline Gill

  • Overview

    About Jan Marini Skin Products
    As the skin ages, it not only wrinkles, but can also become dry from sun and wind exposure. Most beauty products work to conceal evident damage, but there is a line of products that works to conceal and also prevent the rapid aging process. Jan Marini skin products are innovative beauty treatments that were introduced in 1994 and are still leading the beauty world with rigorous research for aging skin, sun-damaged skin, acne and rosacea. Just ask Vanessa Williams, Anne Heche and Cher--they all use Jan Marini skin products.
  • Insight

    Jan Marini is the president and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. Her company has revolutionized beauty products. Her expertise includes associations with physicians and scientists. She was the first to start using glycolic acid in her products to improve the appearance and feel of skin. She was one of the first to use vitamin C in her products. Today, she is a well-known speaker at medical conventions and beauty events, as well as on radio and TV.
  • Function

    Each Jan Marini skin product has a specific function. The cleansers clean and hydrate the skin. The topical vitamin C helps reverse the effects of skin damage and protects skin cells. Moisturizers improve the moisture in the skin as well as protect the skin from environmental influences such as sun damage.

  • Types

    There are products for every skin type including normal to dry skin, dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, mild to moderate acne, severe acne, rosacea (facial redness) and pigmentation. Lines of products include hair products, an antioxidant line, a therapeutic line for acne and uneven skin tones, an accelerator line for skin rejuvenation and an anti aging line called Transformation. The Transformation line contains agents that help the skin cells function properly. The line includes moisturizing creams, serums for oily skin and eye creams. The Antioxidant line prevents cellular damage that leads to wrinkles and dry skin. The line includes a daily face cream with SPF 30 and a tinted variation for those who wish to avoid makeup. The line also includes a hydrator and Recover-E, a night moisturizer with vitamins E, C and beta carotene.
  • Warning

    Some Internet sellers claim that the products they sell are Jan Marini skin products. The Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc., cannot vouch for the authenticity of these products. Unauthorized sellers are 101 cosmetics, Beautifi, LivelySkin, SkinMedix and eBay sellers.
  • Considerations

    Jan Marini skin products are available through MyJanMarini.com, physicians and licensed skin care professionals. A skin care consultation and referral to an authorized seller is available at (800) 347-2223. News articles about the products are available at janmarini.com. Testimonies by consumers and medical professionals are also available on the website, along with a list of celebrities who use Jan Marini skin products.
  • Cons

    Jan Marini products can be expensive for the average consumer. The Transformation serum is $80; the Antioxidant daily face cream is $50; their popular hair conditioner is $170; and the eyelash conditioner is $160. And because the products are available through physicians and skin care professionals, not through your average drugstore, discounts can be hard to find.
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