The Best Jean Fit For Your Body Type

Are you wearing the right jeans for your body type? Find out which jeans best fits your body shape for the most flattering look.

Jeans are worn by just about everyone in some form these days. They can be worn for comfort when you are sitting at home, or even when you are going out to keep a somewhat casual look. Jeans have become so popular that they come in many different styles that can fit anyone's body type. Finding the right style of jeans for your body type may be tricky, but you can do it with a little help.

If you have a rather skinny body type with a flat stomach then you can wear a relaxed fit jean that will compliment your shape. The relaxed fit jean will sit up on your waist, which is comfortable for some people and uncomfortable for others. You can also go for the low-rise jean that sits on your hips. This is a good alternative if you find the relaxed fit jeans to be uncomfortable when they sit on your waist. This low-rise jean cut will allow you to show off your figure while you are still comfortable.

If you have a larger midsection with large hips or a big butt then going for the hipster jeans may be what you want. The hipster style jeans are not as low as low-rise jeans and tend to sit on the hips. This will allow you to get enough room for your hips while you still can show off your shape. Another good jean style for someone with bigger hips and a bigger backside is just a relaxed fit jean. The problem here may come in if your waist is still somewhat small. Most jeans are proportionate, so if your waist is small but your hips and butt are bigger, you might want to have the waist of the jeans sitting on the top of your hips.

If you are plus size, then you may want to stick to relaxed fit jeans or hipster jeans. These jeans go up higher than low rise and can support you in your midsection. If you choose a relaxed fit jean, the jeans will sit on your waist. If you choose to wear the hipster jeans then you will have the jeans sitting on the top of your hips just below your waist. Whichever style you choose should allow you to move and be comfortable.

Another thing to think about when choosing what jean style is right for your body type is your height along with your size. If you are a taller person, you are able to get away with any type of jean bottom. You can wear flare bottoms, boot cut bottoms, or even straight leg jeans without worrying about it making you look off center. If you are on the skinny side, you may want to stay away from the flare jeans. The flare jeans can actually cause a skinny girl to look as though she is not proportioned. The bigger bottom may look a little awkward on a skinnier body. Instead, you can try to boot cut, which has a less drastic look at the bottom. If you are not too skinny then being tall has its advantage. You will be able to choose just about bottom style jean and still look good.

If you are a shorter woman then it is a good idea to stay away from flare and even larger boot cut jeans. A straight leg jean on a shorter body gives the illusion or more height. Though a boot cut can be worn, it may take away from the added height that a straight leg jean can give to a person who is shorter than average.

If you are a plus size woman, then you may want to stay away from any straight leg cut. The goal in any outfit is to look your best and look proportionate. If you are bigger in the midsection and the top of your body, then you would want to stick with boot cut and flare jeans to create a more proportioned look. A straight leg jean on a plus size woman can make her look extremely out of proportion as she will look very small at the ankles and larger as you move up the body.

Whether you are buying jeans to lounge around in or you are getting a great pair to add to a casual outfit, jeans can offer great options. Knowing what style of jeans looks good on your body type can help you save time when shopping and can also help you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror and know that you look great.

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