The Best Jeans And Pants For A Short Man

Fashion tips for short men: choosing the best and most flattering jeans and pants, and where to shop.

Many men's fashions are designed for the slightly taller than average man, and men who are of a little smaller stature are faced with many problems when it comes to selecting flattering pants. Pants that are too long in the legs, too long in the straddle or simply don't look their best on a shorter man are the norm. If you're 5' 7" or under, you can be faced with the difficult task of finding clothes that not only fit well, but flatter the smaller stature.

Many men resort to wearing shoes with a wedge or a heel and some even get lifts put in their shoes to add a few more inches to their height. All of this is fine, if it's comfortable for the individual, but it still won't help much if the fashions he is wearing are better suited to a tall man.

Fashion experts claim that vertical stripes make a man look taller, but it's difficult to find an occasion where vertically-striped pants would be appropriate. Some suits have vertical stripes, which truly do make a man appear taller, but many vertical stripes, particularly on a man, are out of fashion. Likewise, wearing suspenders that have vertical stripes with dress pants also makes a man look taller, but suspenders, for the most part, are out of style.

A definite fashion no-no if you're short is to wear bell-bottom pants, which tend to make anyone, no matter what their height, look shorter. And, the larger the bell at the bottom, the shorter you can appear. Pants that are pleated in the front tend to make the hips look wider, thereby making the man look shorter. The exception to this is if the man is wearing a suit or coat with the pants.

Wearing blue jeans with a shirt that is similar in color can help a man to look taller. The same goes for slacks and shirts. Choose beige or tan shirts with khaki pants, and steer away from stark contrasts like black or brown pants with a white shirt. Black is a color that tends to diminish, so shy away from completely black outfits, except at formal affairs.

When shopping for new pants, choose pieces that fit well without being extremely tight or baggy, and select neutral-colored items rather than articles which will stand out in the crowd. Flashy, multi-colored, odd-patterned pants are always a poor choice for a short man. Dress neatly. Untucked shirts over any pants makes a man appear shorter than he is. As for shorts, choose something that is slightly above the knee to look a little taller. Shorts which come to the knee or lower lend to the look of shortness, but never wear really short shorts. And, don't get caught - ever - with "high-water britches" which will make you look much shorter than you truly are. The hem of the pants should come down to about a half-inch above the floor for the tallest impression.

Use a full-length mirror when trying on clothes. Make sure the mirror is sitting straight to get an idea of how an outfit will really look on you before purchasing. With the right clothing selections, short men can look fabulous too.

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