All About Jessica Howard Dresses

Jessica Howard dresses come in an array of styles. They have party dresses that are short and sexy, and they also carry more conservative two-piece dress ensembles.

Jessica Howard dresses are designed with two things in mind: simplicity and sophistication.The dresses are perfect for parties, banquets, church, dates, or even some work functions.Also, the prices are quite reasonable, which makes Jessica Howard a great line to look at for affordable but stylish dresses.Despite the low process, these dresses are every bit as lovely as a high-end designer's.There are pretty and dainty feminine styles, and there are also more mature and dignified dresses available from this impressive line.

If you are looking for a floral look that is not too overbearing and frilly, you should check out Jessica Howard dresses.The Jessica Howard Petites Pink Floral Party Dress, made from spandex and cotton, is a comfortable, stretchy sundress-style number with thin spaghetti straps.The fabric design is a mix of adjacent pink and black.The predominant color is a bubblegum pink, but there are also whites and magenta shades.The dress falls just below the knee, and the waist is adorned with a satin ribbon, which is fastened into a bow in the front.For a more tropical floral style, see the Jessica Howard Petites Black Floral Party Dress.The cut and style of the dress are just like the Pink Floral Party Dress, but this one has more colors in it, and the flowers are reminiscent of rain forest flowers.The base color is black, and the flowers are a combination of pink, violet, and blue, with yellow and green petals and vines throughout.

Jessica Howard's conservative dresses are sleek and feminine.There are several two-piece dress sets, in such rich colors as deep red and plum.The two-piece sets include a sleeveless, round-necked long a-line dress made of a stretchy fabric, which is then paired with a long-sleeved button-up collared shirt in a matching color.What's really great is that these pieces look incredible together, but they can also be used separately so that you can create several different looks from this purchase.The Jessica Howard Holiday Party Black Velvet Dress is another item that combines conservative with elegance.This off-the-shoulder piece is cut just below the knees, and the style lends itself to an hourglass figure regardless of your body type.This dress would be ideal for a cocktail party or banquet around the holidays.

Sexy dresses are also a staple of the Jessica Howard line.They have several v-neck dresses that are cut above the knee that are perfect for a romantic night out on the town or an anniversary celebration.Also, if you are looking for a classy bridesmaid dress, check out the Jessica Howard Embroidered Column Dress, which is available in amethyst, champagne, and navy colors.This is a mock two-piece dress, and the top is embroidered with sequins that match the color of the dress perfectly.The square neckline is great because it gives you the opportunity to showcase a lovely necklace.

Beyond the fabulous dresses, Jessica Howard also carries more casual clothing, sleek business suits, skirts, and even some accessories.In addition, the founder of Jessica Howard clothing cares about charitable causes.Liz Pivirotto Williams, the creator of the women's clothing line, donated three hundred high-quality Jessica Howard dresses to Outlet Connection, a company that helps teach at-risk adolescents about the ropes of the business world.

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