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James Avery has been crafting jewelry for over fifty years. His jewelry designs include a large line of religious symbols as well as other designs.

James Avery has been creating jewelry for over fifty years. James Avery began designing and crafting jewelry in a small garage with a couple hundred dollars and some scraps of silver in the town of Kerrville, Texas. As far as his personal history, James Avery is a World War Two pilot veteran who received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in industrial design from the University of Illinois. He taught as a professor at both the University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota. It was during this time that he became interested in crafting jewelry from an assignment he gave his students for creating a piece of jewelry as part of their class work. However, he eventually left his teaching career behind to follow his passion for creating jewelry.

He began with a simple cross, because he had just returned to the Episcopal Church and his spiritual beliefs are very important to him then and now. This cross became the basis for his company when friends and others noticed it and began asking him to do similar work for them.

His headquarters are still in Kerrville, Texas, and there are now stores in both Oklahoma and Georgia. The company does not offer franchises for sale. They prefer to remain a small company. However, tourists can stop by the main store in Kerrville and learn a bit about how the jewelry is made.

James Avery jewelry is made from either 14K gold, sterling silver or both. Many designs for women also incorporate fine gemstones, especially diamonds. The company designs jewelry for both men and women, including a full line of rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc. There are other designs besides religious items. Other designs include jewelry with dainty flowers and filigree hearts, whimsical designs of paper doll children, wedding ring sets, and personalized items.

His religious designs are exquisitely made, and quite a few of them are still handmade or have details applied by hand. The company will also personalize items for the buyer.

James Avery jewelry is also surprisingly affordable. While being known for unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, almost anyone can afford a piece of his jewelry. Many attractive pieces are available for under $50. So a person does not have to spend a fortune for a beautiful piece of hand-crafted jewelry. James Avery jewelry can be purchased at their stores, their online site, or from their latest catalog by mail. There is also a lively market for his jewelry on eBay most of the time, and both new and used pieces can be bid on and purchased.

James Avery jewelry is one of a few companies that still does all of the work by themselves. They create the designs in-house, manufacture them, develop marketing and selling strategies by employees in the company. As a matter of fact, James Avery still does a lot of the design work himself, along with other well-trained and innovative designers, too.

James Avery jewelry is the kind of jewelry that can be purchased within a family or personal budget and become a treasured family heirloom in time. Whether a person is looking for wedding rings sets, birthday or anniversary gifts, or a fine religious cross, James Avery jewelry is the place to look for it.

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