Is Your Job Becoming Obsolete?

Is your job becoming obsolete? Market studies show a decline in certain job fields.

Being a mom is an unending job. You'll never have to worry that you run out of laundry, or hugs, or places and appointments to run to!

However, is your "outside" job in jeopardy? Fortune Magazine recently listed several employment fields that are facing a sharp decline.

Garment sewing-machine operators is down -30% since 1998. Many positions are being filled by overseas work.

Word Processors and data entry typists are down -20%. With more people using voice-activated systems and general computer advancements the need for using free-lance typists has declined.

Private household cleaners and servants are down -12%. Well, this surprises me, they certainly aren't over at my house! Could this reflect that more people are opting to work from home and thereby fitting in house cleaning within their busy schedule? I believe half of us reading this article may fit into this description.

Finally, Bank Tellers are on the decline by -5%. With so many people going online to handle their banking transactions, the role of the individual teller is becoming slowly obsolete.

There's no need to panic-YET. However, if you fit into one of these occupations, you may seriously want to consider a career change soon! Don't get left standing on the dock while the ship pulls out!

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