Job Personality Tests

Learn to better understand job personality tests. How are companies evaluating potential job candidates?

You are ready, you have your resume in hand and the interview went smooth. There is just one hitch: You have to take a personality test. This can make or break your chance being hired. Companies are guarded and have their own method of assessment called personality tests. Your potential employer puts it this way, "It's just a formality!" Is there a reason behind all this testing and who is doing it and why?

Computer and trucking companies, insurance corporations and retail companies are using personality tests to seek out the right individual for the job. They want to assess what kind of person are you and what motivates you. Do you have what it takes to be hired and become "one of them?" Personality tests question your values, interpersonal skills and job performance. It is a test to see if you measure up to a company's standards of a successful and competent individual.

To determine if you are exactly what they are looking for, the personality test sets company standards to determine potential employees' strengths and weaknesses. It can judge if you are lazy or a hard worker. Are you a competent or incompetent person for the job? Do you have a hot or cold temper? How you feel about certain relationships? Will you file a lawsuit or won't you file a lawsuit against the company.

Companies want to insure that they are getting the best candidate for the job by weeding out possible problems that they might encounter in the long run. Such problems like excessive training sessions, poor performance, and unsatisfied customers can wind up costing millions to companies. These assessment tests can be a huge advantage for companies. The benefit is increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Not only is this an advantage for companies but also for potential employees.

According to NCC Assessment Technologies, an organizational psychological consultancy, NCC acknowledges "employees selected for their goodness of fit to a particular job opportunity often respond more constructively to management; they enjoy their work and look forward to staying and growing with the organization." Employees who are not good testers are at a disadvantage. It can be nerve racking to sit and take a hundred question personality test, tests of any kind especially after a good interview can give you the willies; you now have to wait for the results of the test to acknowledge you are the right candidate. Candidates may have a great employment history and excellent interview but the personality test is the final judge whether or not you have the job.

Personality tests provide the company with a profile of your professionalism, personality and where you rank in terms of other candidates. This method of assessment can be expected more often. The job market in the new economy has risen, massive amounts of jobs are created everyday and the Internet has become a tool for searching for the perfect job. As you search the job market and find that perfect job, you may not only have to sharpen your No. 2 pencil but your personality too. Personality tests are here to stay.

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