Jogging Stroller Review: Safety, Comfort, Features

Guide and review of the best jogging baby strollers, concentrating on safety, comfort and features.

If you lead an active lifestyle before the birth of your baby, you can continue to do so with a little help from a jogging stroller. Basically a jogging stroller is a stroller designed for active parents who want to walk or run while pushing their little one.

Jogging strollers are designed to keep baby comfortable while the parent is jogging or walking briskly. This type of stroller cannot only help you get a workout but it has the added plus of getting baby out into the fresh air, which may just help your baby to sleep. Getting exercise and fresh air can be great for mom too and help her shed those pregnancy pounds. If dad is a daily jogger, he can give mom a break and spend a little quality time with baby while he is getting his workout in.

When you are shopping for a jogging stroller there are several things to keep in mind. First, are you strictly a jogger or do you prefer brisk walking? Basically jogging strollers are three wheel strollers that function altogether different than regular strollers. There are jogging strollers that are designed for bumpy off road conditions and others meant to be used on smoother surfaces.

If you are an avid runner, you will want to look at a stroller with larger wheels, as they tend to function better when you are jogging over rough terrain. If you are mostly a walker, you can purchase a stroller with smaller wheels. The jogging strollers with smaller wheels do best on relatively smooth surfaces and work well even for speed walking.

Some jogging strollers also offer reclining seats, which can help baby to ease into blissful sleep while you get your workout. It is usually recommended that you purchase accessories to keep your little one firmly in place while you are jogging, such as seat inserts and neck rolls.

Another thing to consider when shopping for this type of stroller is something you ordinarily look for in an automobile. Does the stroller offer shock absorbers and suspension? This can be very important if you are going to be spending a lot of time on rough terrain. If you are going to be jogging over bumpy roads, this is well worth looking into to make for a smoother ride for baby.

Although color isn't usually something parents give much thought to when choosing a stroller, it can be important. For safety reasons bright colors are usually recommended as they make your stroller and its precious cargo clearly visible to traffic.

It is a good idea to give the stroller a test drive. Be sure to bring baby along to make sure it's a comfortable fit. Check out how the stroller maneuvers. How are the handles situated? Are they in a comfortable position to push? Does it swing around corners easily? Does the baby look comfortable? Do the straps seem secure? How about the reclining position, is it a good fit for your baby?

Jogging strollers come in a wide range of prices, styles and sizes. Some are designed with urban parents in mind, while others are meant for country terrain. If you are the parents of twins, there are also jogging strollers with dual seats.

Some other options available are washable seat pads, cup holders and adjustable handles, which can be useful if both parents will be using the stroller. Another important thing to look for is how much the stroller weighs and how easily it folds. A stroller that is heavy and difficult to fold will deter you from using it, while one that folds with ease will encourage your workout.

Check out the sun canopy. Will it be able to keep your little one in the shade while you jog in the summer? Does it come with a storage basket for bottles and diapers? Some strollers offer the option of a reversible seat so baby can ride facing you, which can be a plus when you are faced with a cranky, fussy baby. Other options available are rain hoods and fully reclining conventional stroller seats with lots of padding to help baby snooze.

For today's parents a jogging stroller can be a welcome addition. It can help parents maintain their active lifestyle and provide baby with much needed fresh air.

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