All About John Deere Tractors And Lawn Mowers

No matter what your home or farmland needs are, John Deere makes a mower or a tractor to lift your workload.

From his first plow to today's modern mowers and tractors, John Deere has been a household name around farmers for almost 200 years. Seeing a need for better equipment to perform farmland duties, John Deere invented first, a plow which would make work easier in the 1800's, and since, a multitude of machines which mow, drag, uproot, cut and mulch. John Deere machines are known worldwide for their ability to not only do the intended job, but to withstand many years of hard labor. Although farm owners still choose John Deere tractors and mowers, the machinery has also gained fame with average home owners because of its rugged build and unfailing performance. With meager beginnings as a one-man blacksmith shop, John Deere built his company into a massive corporation which now manufacturers agricultural equipment, residential models and commercial machines, along with construction and forestry equipment.

Almost everyone recognizes the green and yellow trademark of the John Deere equipment, but how do you know which tractor or mower is the right product for you? Whether you manage a golf course, or you oversee acres of farmland, John Deere has the machine for your needs. For a small yard, you can get a standard walk-behind push mower that's very efficient. These models are now self-propelled which require less pushing. The mower glides along and requires mostly just guidance on your part. As with most mowers of this type, the blade can be raised or lowered depending upon how trim you want your lawn. If your yard is large, you might want to consider one of their riding lawn mowers with optional tow-behind carts for depositing sticks and other unwanted objects. These carts are available in various sizes and fit most all John Deere riding mowers. Although each model in every series offers a number of varying features, all John Deere home machines offer a 30 day at-home trial along with a home maintenance plan. In their line of mowers, John Deere offers models which allow you to stand on the mowers as you work, mowers with the cutting equipment in front, in back or on the side, to cater to all your needs. John Deere also makes weed trimmers, snow blowers and saws.

The John Deere utility tractor is available in compact models for home usage and industrial models for farm work and large gardens. There are various models which are small-chassis, but come standard with large tractor features. Oil-cooled brakes, category 1 three-point hitches, high performance hydraulics, and four wheel drive are some of the current features. Some models even have an isolated engine to reduce vibration and noise. The mid-chassis models offer the ability to work with backhoes, loaders, tillers and rotary cutters. The large chassis tractors, are compact, yet rugged enough to manage many of the jobs usually performed by larger machinery.

For the more serious farm work, new models offer power choices of up to 500 horsepower and four wheel drive or track configurations. Optional is the 18-speed automatic power shift transmission and other choices like hands-free features. For working between rows of crops, John Deere has a line of tractors which are narrow and compact, allowing the tractor to squeeze in between rows as narrow as 48 inches. These tractors are available in open-station or cab-equipped models. Tractors are available in open-station and cab-equipped models.

No matter what you've been faced with when working outdoors, whether it's high crops, low crops, seeding, weeding or just maintaining your own home landscape, John Deere makes the perfect mower or tractor for you. Check with your local John Deere dealership to discuss options, features and prices.

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