Journaling Method For Writers

It is important to keep a journal, especially as a writer. Here are some journaling methods to help get you started.

The most asked question that writers get is probably, "Where do you get your ideas?" And, the answer given most usually is probably, "Ideas are everywhere!" If your eyes are open and you stay tuned to your surroundings, you can't help but soak up ideas everywhere you go.

But, since we are human, we may lose those brilliant ideas if we don't get them written down before they scatter to the wind. This is where a journal comes in handy.

Journals don't have to be anything fancy, just a notepad that you keep with you at all times. In your purse, by the bed, even in the bathroom since ideas can come to you at the strangest times.

If you think of an idea that would make a perfect ending to a short story, write it down. You don't even have to know how you will lead up to that ending. Get the idea you do have down, and then you will have something to work towards later. Titles may sometimes come to you, even though you don't know what the title will be for. Even a strange name overheard at the checkout line can spark something in your creative mind. Jot it down. Sometimes you will think of something so wonderfully original that you think there is absolutely no way you can forget it. But, what if you do? It will be lost forever if you don't grab your journal and get it in writing.

Another way to use a journal is to write about your day. Things that seem unimportant to you now may spark a story or article idea later. Not to mention help you to write your memoirs someday. Things that would other wise be faded memories can be made permanent with pen and paper.

Or, describe the sound of the rain outside your window, the quietness of the falling snow, or the color of a sunset. You may not think you will ever use them, but this description may come in handy someday when you set the scene in a book or story. We all remember what the falling snow looks like, but if you describe it while you are watching, feeling and smelling it, your description will be much more accurate.

So, grab that journal and start writing. When someone asks you where you get your ideas, just show them your journal. And tell them that the true secret is not in getting ideas, but in keeping them.

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