How to Junk a Car

By Jane Smith

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    Once a car has reached a point where repair cost exceeds its value, it may need to be junked. High mileage, transmission problems, blown gaskets or cracked heads are all signs of a car that is close to the end of its useful life. Once you decide to junk your car, the amount of cash return is not simply how much you get paid at the scrap yard. It also includes the money you can get from selling its parts, as well as salvaging as much gasoline as possible from the tank.
    • Step 1

      Call to various junkyards to find out how much they pay. Ask whether they charge for towing as well. If they do, you have to keep enough of the vehicle intact to be able to drive it to the scrap yard.
    • Step 2

      Siphon all but enough gas to drive the vehilce to the yard unless you intend to have it towed. You may have to remove the fuel line to drain the tank. Use extreme caution when draining fuel. Do so only in a well-ventilated area. Have a partner standing by with a fire extinguisher. Use cheesecloth to filter the fuel before putting it into another vehicle. This prevents the sludge from the bottom of the tank from clogging your engine. If the fuel is particularly dirty, add a can of fuel treatment to the vehicle.
    • Step 3

      Take out an advertisement on Craigslist offering all or parts of the car. An average fender alone can be worth $20 to $100, depending on the condition and make of the car.
    • Step 4

      When all other sellable parts are gone, remove the battery if you will be towing the car to the scrap yard. A spare battery can be a life saver.
    • Step 5

      Make sure that you have clear title to the vehicle before selling parts or scrapping it. If not, you will still be liable for the remainder of the lien. Take your title and ID with you, and make sure the vehilce still has its VIN number plate visible in the windshield or on one of the insides of the doors.
    • Step 6

      Call the scrap yard or towing company if you are not driving the vehicle to the yard yourself. The driver will do the rest. Those in the Denver area can give junk removal Denver a call.
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