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Today when the name Kawasaki is mentioned, it covers more than just motorcycles. Kawasaki is now known for ATV's, Watercraft, Utility Vehicles, Engine Products, Power Products and Industrial Products.

Today when the name Kawasaki is mentioned, it covers more than just motorcycles. Kawasaki is now known for ATV's, Watercraft, Utility Vehicles, Engine Products, Power Products and Industrial Products.

Kawasaki ATV's include Bayou, Brute Force, KFX and the Prairie. The Bayou 250, with its four-stroke engine, is available with an electric start, has a five-speed semi-automatic transmission with reverse, and a dependable shaft drive. This ATV also comes with steel front and rear cargo racks and is the only ATV in this class that has a semi-independent multi-link rear suspension, which provides for a smoother ride. The Bayou also has triple drum brakes, hitch bracket, fuel gauge, and an electrical connector. Colors available for this ATV are Hunter green or Aztec Red.

The next ATV in the Kawasaki line-up is the Brute Force. This ATV is available in 650 and 750 and is a 4x4. The Brute Force has a V-twin engine, comfortable ride and excellent handling, due to the independent rear suspension. This ATV has on/off 4-wheel drive at the touch of a button and an automotive-style instrument panel. The Brute Force is available in Aztec Red, Hunter Green, Desert Yellow and Realtree Hardwoods Green camouflage.

Kawasaki's Prairie is available as a 700 4-wheel drive or a 360 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. The Prairie 700 has a liquid-cooled, four-stroke V-twin engine with many of the same engine modifications as the KFX700 sport ATV, such as the engine case, cylinders and cylinder heads, the carburetor and the same bore and stroke. This ATV has the on/off 4-wheel drive with the touch of a button, a variable transmission, front differential control and a dependent shaft drive. Front disc brakes and multi-disc rear brakes are also a feature of this ATV, as well as being available in Aztec Red and Hunter Green.

Kawasaki's KFX, a sport ATV available in 50, 80,400 and 700, also has the V-twin, four-stroke engine, an automatic transmission, a racing-style chassis and powerful brakes. The KFX also has a shaft drive, front disc brakes, and sealed, oil-bathed multi-disc rear brakes as well as sport-style serrated foot pegs, a skid plate and a 45-watt headlight. Colors available are Kawasaki Lime Green and Blazing Orange.

Kawasaki also has accessories for their ATV's such as clothing and gear, maintenance products and tools, bags and racks, body accessories, electrical accessories, grips and handguards, hunting accessories, plow accessories, trailers and towing, vehicle covers, as well as windshields and accessories.

Kawasaki is probably best known for its motorcycles. It has cruisers, dual purpose, motocross, sportbikes, off-road and streetbikes.

Kawasaki cruisers are the line of Vulcan motorcycles. These range from 500's to 2000's as well as the eliminator 125. These cruisers are powered with Kawasaki's V-twin engine, have a single-pin crankshaft, dual counterbalancers and rubber engine mounts, as well as an electronic fuel injection system. The Vulcan 2000 has 16-inch wheels and radial tires, dual front disc brakes and single rear disc brakes and is available in Ebony, Metallic Dark Blue and Metallic Dark Green.

Kawasaki's dual purpose motorcycles are KLR650 and KLR250. These motorcycles have comfortable ergonomics, a large fuel tank and can be taken off-highway. The KLR650 features a dual overhead cam, a four-valve, four-stroke engine that is liquid-cooled with a single cylinder. This motorcycle also has an electric starter and engine crankshaft counterbalance as well as a spark arrester and an engine guard and is available in Aztec Red.

Kawasaki Motocross bikes are KX65 to KX250F. This motorcycle has a liquid-cold, four-stroke engine, five-speed transmission, stainless steel clutch cable, disc brakes, wide footpegs; wider handlebar mounts, and is available in Kawasaki Lime Green.

Kawasaki Sportbikes are the Ninja line of bikes. These bikes are oriented toward serious sport riding and track performance and feature ultra-aerodynamic bodywork, under-seat exhaust system, six-spoke wheels, disc brakes and a powerful engine. The Ninja line of motorcycles come in Lime Green/ Flat Stoic Black, Metallic Raw Titanium/ Flat Stoic Black, Candy Plasma Blue/ Flat Stoic Black, and Pearl Magma Red/Flat Stoic Black.

Kawasaki off-road motorcycles are the KLX and KDX lines. These range from 50's to 300R's. These motorcycles feature four-stroke engines, automatic clutches, are air-cooled and have a screw-type throttle limiter. Other features of these motorcycles are a compact fuel tank, sporty graphics, Lime Green color and number plates as well as sporty shrouds and side covers.

Kawasaki streetbikes include Concours, KRX1200R, ZZR1200, ZZR600, Z1000 and Z750S. These motorcycles are liquid-cooled, double overhead cams, and have 16 valves. They are also fuel injected, have a high-speed digital ignition, a large radiator and ring fan. Candy Plasma Blue is the only color available.

Kawasaki has also been manufacturing watercraft for many years. The Jet Ski line of products is available in one passenger, two passenger and three passenger units.

The one passenger Jet Ski is a stand-up model personal watercraft has a trigger-type throttle, is powered by a twin-cylinder, two-stroke engine, has a pair of Mikuni carburetors, has a waterproof and maintenance-free Capacitor Discharge Ignition system. This watercraft runs on pre-mixed fuel/oil mixture as well as fresh water flush fitting that makes cleaning a breeze. The one passenger Jet Ski also has an integrated foam flotation built into the deck and handlepole, which helps, make it virtually unsinkable.

The two passenger Jet Ski, has a three-cylinder two-stroke engine, has triple constant-velocity carburetors linked to the digital Direct Current Capacitor Discharge Ignition system, and has the Kawasaki Smart Steering system. A superlube oil injection system supplies the right amount of oil to the engine at all times, a multi-function digital instrument panel allows the driver to watch the fuel level, oil level, speed, time and trim as well as important warning lamps.

The three passenger jet skis have a four-stroke engine as well as a racing-inspired hull. Other features of this personal watercraft are dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, fuel injection and electronic engine control. This personal watercraft also has a 16.4-gallon fuel tank, an LCD instrument panel with warning lamps and a magnetic keyed ignition.

Kawasaki introduced the first off-road utility vehicle in 1988. Now they have Mule 3010 4x4, 3010 4x4 Camo, 3010 4x4 Diesel, 3010 4x4 Trans4x4, 3010 4x4 Trans4x4 Camo, Mule 3000, Mule 610 4x4, Mule 610 4x4 Camo and Mule 600.

The Mule 3010 4x4, perfect for both work and play, is larger than an ATV, but smaller than a compact pickup. With a four-stroke engine, selectable four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, bench seat and tilting cargo bead, the Mule is perfectly suited for a variety of uses. Features of the Mule 3010 4x4 are aggressive styling, steel grill, dual headlights and rounded fenders. The engine in the Mule is a liquid-cooled, four-stroke V-twin with an air restrictor gauge. The Mule 3010 4x4 comes in a diesel unit and in Camo, Hunter Green and Aztec Red colors.

The all-new 3010 Trans4x4 is Kawasaki's latest and greatest in this line of off-road utility vehicles. This is the first four-passenger 4x4 off-road utility vehicle that has the capability to turn into a two-passenger vehicle with an extended cargo bed. This Mule also has the same liquid-cooled industrial V-twin engine as the 3010 4x4 and has the same powertrain. The fuel tank has been increase to 6.4 gallons and the wheelbase is 11.6 inches longer.

The Mule 3000 has a tilting cargo bed, bench seat, has an automatic transmission as well as a locking differential. The engine in this model is a liquid-cooled four-stroke V-twin, and features an air restrictor gauge. Hunter Green and Aztec Red are the only colors available for the Mule 3000.

Mule 610 4x4 replaces the Mule 550 and is the company's all-new compact model as well as the only four-wheel drive in its class. This new model is nearly four inches longer than the 550 and has an air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke 401 cc engine with a cooling fan. The new 610 even has a 25 mph maximum speed governor and is available in Aztec Red, Woodsman Green and Realtree Hardwoods Green Camo. The Mule 600 is a two-wheel drive version of the 610.

Kawasaki also manufactures 4 and 2 cycle engines which can be liquid cooled or air cooled, are OHV, V-twin or single cylinder with a horizontal or vertical shaft. They also manufacture handheld power products such as string trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers and backpack blowers.

Kawasaki also manufactures industrial products including wheel loaders, hydraulic components and systems, robotics and automation systems and high performance cement plants.

All about Kawasaki includes many recreational vehicles as well as work vehicles.

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