How To Keep Your Child's Room Clean

Teach your kids to clean their rooms and stay organized. This article will give you some helpful tips.

Help your children keep their room clean with these easy ideas! There is nothing better than walking into your child's room and actually feeling proud, calm and satisfied! Your children will spend more time in their room and less time whining, "There's nothing to do!" if their rooms are clean. They will be happier to show off their rooms to their friends! They will be able to easily locate games, toys, books, shoes, etc. A clean room makes for less confusion in the morning, as well. Imagine getting ready for school on time! Stick to these rules and you will be on your way to clean room paradise!!

There are six main points that will be discussed:




4. FUN



These six concepts need to be foremost in your thoughts when dealing with the problem of your kids' messy rooms. Following are definitions and explanations of each.

1. ORGANIZATION: You must teach your child to be a basically organized person. Children learn by example. Start early by leading your children through a simple clean up routine at a convenient time of day - usually bedtime. Help them put their dirty clothes away, shoes in the closet, etc. One thing that always works is teaching your children to make their beds every morning - no matter what. A made bed sets the stage for overall cleanliness. It is a lot harder to "trash" a room with a made bed. You may have to help the younger children out with this routine, but it will pay off, believe me.

2. STORAGE: One way to boost organizational skills is by providing plenty of good storage space. It is impossible for a child to keep a room straight if there is nowhere for them to store their toys. Many discount chains sell these type of supplies at very reasonable prices. Book shelves, toy boxes and dirty clothes hampers are essentials.

3. CONSISTENCY: Never slack off ! Always be consistent in your desires for your children to clean their rooms. You must (daily) check their rooms and order them to clean. It takes a little getting used to on your part, but remember, consistency = order.

4. FUN: Keep it fun! Let them blast their favorite music while cleaning, if possible! Sit and read them a story while they make their bed and dust the counters! You get the idea. Everything is easier with a little music and a little company!

5. REMINDERS: It is up to the parent to constantly remind their children to clean. Make it a nightly routine. Children tend to slack off if not kept on task. Just like any other chore, homework, etc., they need to be pushed a bit sometimes.

6. REWARDS: There's nothing wrong with a good old ice cream cone (or appropriate snack) to reward a job well done! Your child will be much more inspired to clean if he/she knows that there is a reward on the horizon. After all, adults get paid for their work, don't they?

Good luck, parents! Following these six steps will help you and your child solve the problem of the "disaster area" in no time, flat!

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