Keeping Brunette Hair Healthy

Hairstyling products with natural ingredients and knowledge of how to maintain hair in different climates are essential for brunettes trying to maintain healthy hair.

Being able to maintain healthy and manageable hair takes time and effort. Brunettes have a variety of options to consider when maintaining hair that is already healthy, or trying repairing damaged hair. Healthy hair is dependent on the way the hair is cut and dried, hairstyling products, and weather elements. Another factor to consider is if the hair color is natural or is the result of hair coloring. Following are some ideas that brunettes should consider when looking to achieve optimal hair health.

Whether brunettes have long or short hair, it is important to pay attention to how the hair is cut. Thicker hair is sometimes kept in check by using a thinning brush, which is like a comb with razor-like bristles. The use of this brush should be either avoided, or used sparingly if the hair is unmanageably thick. Thinning brushes have a tendency to create split ends, which leads to brittle hair. Use a standard pair of styling scissors to create layers within the hair, which gives thinner hair a fuller appearance, and thicker hair the ability to grow more strongly. Brunettes who choose not to cut their hair at all will notice over time that as their hair gets longer, dead ends will become more apparent and will give the hair a straggly appearance. When it comes to cutting the hair (regardless of the hair style), it is important to give the hair at least a monthly trim for optimal hair health.

Hair drying techniques are also important factors to consider for brunettes when maintaining healthy hair. Using a blow dryer on a consistent basis will lead to dry and frizzy hair, no matter what hair products are used to eliminate those hair problems. The reason for this is because the heat of the air being applied to the hair on a regular basis stresses the hair follicles to the point where they lose their natural oils which results in the hair becoming frizzy. Most modern hair dryers come equipped with an option that allows the hair to be dried using cold air â€" this is indeed the best option, because although it may take a longer amount of time to obtain dry hair, it will enable the hair to be styled much more efficiently. Some brunettes choose the option of never using a blow dryer, but instead air drying their hair. This option is fine for brunettes with short hair, but for those with longer hairstyles who wash their hair and then throw it into a ponytail or a bun and forget about their hair, this is a mistake. Pulling wet hair back with an elastic leads to split ends and frizz once again. For the brunette who insists on pulling back their wet hair, be sure to purchase hair elastics that clearly indicate that they prevent hair breakage.

The commercial hair market has endless products to choose from when it comes to maintaining hair health. The key for brunettes choosing the right products for their hair depends entirely on their type of hair and whether or not they are, in fact, natural brunettes. Natural brunettes should choose products that bring out natural highlights in their hair for a lovely contrast to their solid brunette color. John Frieda products work very nicely for this purpose. For those that have colored their hair brunette, an excellent styling option is the use of Biolage products, which use natural ingredients to maintain hair color. Another natural option for either natural or artificial brunettes are the Herbal Essences hair styling products, which through their natural botanical extracts, provide the nutrients that hair needs.

The last factor to consider when trying keeping hair healthy is the climate that the brunette lives in. Colder climates result in hair being drier, thus the necessity of frequently using hydrating hair gel and conditioner as a companion to shampooing is very important. Brunettes who live in warmer climates tend to have hair that is curly and oily, thus gentle conditioners and the use of gel only sparingly is advisable. Brunettes who have unmanageable hair also have the option of using a hair straightener, but this should only be done every couple of days to once a week, with a straightening hair serum or balm applied to the hair before use to avoid hair becoming too dry.

In addition to the above suggestions, brunettes should also include prominent portions of food with protein in their diet (like fish or vegetables) which help hair follicles grow strongly. Protein also helps with the production of natural follicle oils, giving hair a subtle shine. Maintaining hair health is indeed a daunting task, but it can be achieved with patience and moderation. Hair is a natural gift of beauty and using the right methods to maintain it will lead to worthwhile results.

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