Keeping Rabbits Out Of The Garden

Problem rabbits, in your garden, can be dettered easily and safely.

Rabbits seem harmless to the nature lover, but to a gardener they can be quite destructive. Rabbits often take up residence under decks and sheds.

They can be seen in the very early morning and at dusk, foraging for food amongst garden plants and flowers. Often, flowers and vegetables that would have been thriving are nibbled down to nothing.

A couple of good remedies for dettering rabbits is dried blood, which can be purchased at your local garden center, and human hair clippings. Your hair stylist will gladly provide hair clippings.

Try sprinkling these in areas where rabbits are living and where they are likely to do damage. The human scent of the hair will usually be enough to keep them away, and the scent of dried blood scares away rabbits, as well as many other garden pests.

According to "Gardening How-To", published by The National Home Gardening Club, the article entitled "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", written by Barbara Pleasant, suggests sprinkling used cat litter around flowers that are being eaten by rabbits.

She warns that because of bacteria in used cat litter, it should not be sprinkled near or around any edible plants.

The same article suggests the use of a rabbit fence made from chicken wire. The fencing can be place around flower beds and gardens to effectively keep rabbits out. It suggests burying the fencing several inches below the ground, otherwise rabbits will tunnel their way in. Chicken wire is also a good way to keep rabbits from making their homes under sheds and decks. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" says the fencing does not have to be any more than two feet high to effectively keep rabbits out.

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