Kenmore product lines, history and reviews

Read about Kenmore history and reviews of products such as large appliances, vacuums, sewing machines and small appliances.

Kenmore products have been around for decades. Today Kenmore is one of the leading appliance companies in the world. They carry hundreds of products and have expanded their products lines to supply products other than your typical household appliances. In fact statistics show that one in every three households in the United States owns one or more Kenmore brand appliances and products.

The Kenmore product lines include:

Washers and Dryers""the washers and dryers have been rated "best buy" by leading consumer magazines. The top load washer offers 15 cycles including rinse, presoak and second rinse cycles. The washer is energy efficient and has water levels you can control for conservation purposes. The Kenmore dryer that comes with the highest recommendation is a 7.0 cubic foot dryer that has both gas and electrical capabilities. It features heating sensors, 9 cycles, temperature control and 6 heat settings.

Ovens and Ranges""the Kenmore 30-inch range is on average the best seller. It offers convenience and reliability. It has gas surface elements in a porcelain top to offer even cooking and heating. It has a pilot-less electronic ignition and standard burners. The oven is self-cleaning with a white glass front door that is removable. There is a storage drawer underneath for pots and pan storage.

Microwaves""the microwave offers luxury in your kitchen. It has a 1.4 cubic foot interior and a moderately sized 12-½ inch turntable. The 950 watts of cooking power provides sufficient speed of all of your microwave cooking. It has an automated defrost feature and programmed buttons for cooking popcorn, pizza slices and frozen meals.

Dishwashers""the Elite built-in dishwasher has sleek integrated controls and offers sufficient space and well-designed loading racks. It has five automatic cycles, a 4-hour start delay and a removable top rack. It is made with the highest quality of parts and components, a stain-less steel tub and a hard food disposal.

Refrigerators""the side-by-side refrigerator freezer, which is becoming the most preferred, provides you with 26.4 cubic feet of space, which is ample room for even large families. It is energy efficient; in fact the average energy usage per year is only 694 watts. You have three adjustable glass shelves, a spill-proof rim, deli and vegetable drawers, plus and egg utility bin. The freezer has three shelves (two are adjustable) and freezer baskets that slide out. They both have temperature controls.

More Kenmore products include, garbage disposals, vacuum cleaners, and sewing machines. They also make small appliances like coffee makers, food processors, mixers and electric blankets. Recently they have made a baby bottle warmer available.

Kenmore has a reputation of company you can rely on and trust. They have worked hard to maintain a spotless record of satisfied customers. Sears carries one of the largest selections of Kenmore appliance and they have partnered together to create a customer satisfaction guarantee on all Kenmore products; it is called the "Peace of Mind Satisfaction," if you are not completely satisfied with your product you can take it back to trade or get a full refund on your purchase.

There is a deep history leading up to the Kenmore and Sears's affiliation. Their dealings go back for decades. Kenmore came out with its first appliance the washing machine in 1927. It was exclusively at Sears. It had an agitator and it promised to wash clothes clean in 7 minutes. This washer was "top of the line" for that time period. After the Second World War Sears adopted the whole Kenmore Harmony House line of appliances, which was a revolutionary line of washers, dryers and ranges. Besides the typical white color, these appliances were available in yellow, coral and aquamarine.

As the years pass Kenmore continues to improve the operating features, technology and appearance of their products and appliances. Give Kenmore a "test drive" for yourself and decide if their products live up to their immaculate image.

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