Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy Space Center outside Orlando, FL has shuttle launches, an IMAX theater, and a visitor's center with astronauts and Apollo history. Another famous attraction is the Kennedy Space...

Another famous attraction is the Kennedy Space Center. The space center is actually about a 45 minute drive from Orlando. We have space shuttle launches here. In fact, all of the Apollo machines were launched from here. There is a great history and a great ongoing exploration of space occurring right here in the Central Florida area. The Kennedy Space Center visitor complex actually lets you see some of that history. You can watch films of launches and space exploration on their big 80 foot high IMAX screen, meet astronauts, and tour an Apollo rocket. They have shuttle simulation, so you can go through simulated launches on a shuttle that is built to look like a real shuttle and see some of the equipment that they carry with them. It is really a tremendous experience and extremely popular.

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