All About Kenneth Cole: Fashion And Style

Kenneth Cole's history is unique as their fashion. A description of Kenneth Cole from the beginings to the newest Kenneth Cole product lines.

Kenneth Cole stands out from every other designer. Whether it's a unique cut on the shoes or an odd matching of fabrics on a shirt, there'sunique difference that makes every Kenneth Cole item stand out.

It's kind of like the unique story of how Kenneth Cole started. In the early eighties, Cole wanted to start a new line of shoes. With little start up cash, he traveled to Europe where the banks were more likely to give a young entrepreneur a loan. He designed a line of shoes and headed back to the United States, where he faced another problem. At the time, most starting shoe companies were renting a room at the Midtown Manhattan Hilton and compete with a thousand other designers or rent an expensive storefront showroom. Cole decided to try something else. He borrowed a forty foot tractor trailer and asked New York City for a permit to setup shop on a city street. The city denied him saying only movie companies and the electric companies were allowed to park trucks on the street. The next day, he went to a stationary store, changed the name from Kenneth Cole Inc., to Kenneth Cole Productions. The city approved, a permit for the shooting of s film, titled "Birth Of A Shoe Company." Sometimes the film crew recorded the scene, other times there wasn't even film in the cameras but in two and half days, they sold out 40,000 pairs of shoes.

The original Kenneth Cole shoes were designed and manufactured in Italy, today much of the Kenneth Cole footwear is still manufactured in Italy and quality stands above the competition.

Kenneth Cole started out with footwear, but is also known for women's handbags and leather jackets. Today, the Kenneth Cole name is on everything from accessories like leather wallets and cuff links to luggage.

Twice a year, Kenneth Cole shows the future of style in fashion shows feature the newest shoes and clothing. But unlike many other designers with weird and out there styles, the Kenneth Cole apparel can be worn by real people. Kenneth Cole clothing is designed for trendy office 9-5'ers but also for after work. Kenneth Cole is more than just suits, the shirts, pants and skirts are designed for hanging out at the trendiest bars and night clubs.

And unlike shopping at other designers, Kenneth Cole customers will still have enough money to go out for a night on the town. Shoes range from $24 for sandals to $250 for the higher end models designed in Italy. Clothing ranges from $15 for a t-shirt to $500 for a men's suit.

In 1996, Kenneth Cole added the Reaction line with an aim for trendy younger and more sporty customers. Tribeca, a more recent addition is aimed at an even younger audience, the highly active 15-25 age group.

Kenneth Cole also has dabbed into the fragrance market with his Black for Men cologne and Black for Women perfume for women becoming two of the highest rated fragrances in their markets. The latest addition to the Kenneth Cole fragrance family is the Reaction cologne, a slightly more hip cologne.

Kenneth Cole the man and the company are active in charity. The company collects shoes every year for the homeless with a promotion giving customers a percentage of their next purchase for every shoe they return.

Kenneth Cole products can be found at Kenneth Cole retail stores, the Kenneth Cole website and at finer department stores worldwide.

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