Kid Craft: Fun Valentine Card Holder Box

Learn how to turn a shoe box into a lovely Valentine's day card and treat holder!

If you have an empty shoe box hiding around your closet somewhere, then put it to use! Using a shoebox for a valentine holder is a lot more creative than using it as a dust collection. Valentine holders are nice for children to have at school around Valentine's Day. The holder keeps all of their valentines and candy in one place!

To make this Valentine holder, you will need one shoe box with lid intact, paint, glitter, rhinestones, construction paper, lace, candy hearts, glue, scissors, and any other little extras that you might want to include on your box.

To start, cut an opening in the top of your shoebox. This hole should be long enough and wide enough to fit Valentine cards and treats. An adult may have to help children with this cutting, as the shoe box material can be difficult to cut. When you have an opening in the lid of the shoe box, get out the paint! Paint the entire outside of the shoe box as well as the lid. You can use red, white, pink, purple, silver, or any combination of these colors. When painting, be sure to keep the lid separate from the base of the box so that they do not become stuck together. Cover all portions of the shoe box; it may take several coats of paint to cover any designs that may have been on the shoe box. Just remember to let the paint dry in between each coat!

When the last coat of paint has dried, cut a piece of lace long enough to go around the entire lid of the shoe box. Attach this lace with glue and wait for it to dry. Next, glue rhinestones in different places on the lace. Let this glue dry.

On the lid of the box, above the opening, write your name in glue and sprinkle glitter over your name. Now everyone will know who owns this box! Let the glue dry and then shake off any excess glitter over a garbage can. Now you can get very creative with your other romance related items. Glue more rhinestones to the top of the box. Cut out construction paper hearts and glue them to the sides of the box. You can decorate these hearts with lace, ribbon, glitter, and rhinestones, too! Glue candy hearts with your favorite phrases onto the top and side of the box. Make sure that your decorations leave enough room for the lid to go back on the box! You can tie ribbons into the lace around the lid of the box. If you want to cover up any extra space, use markers to draw hearts all over the box. Let all of the glue dry before taking the box anywhere. Enjoy your new holder for Valentine's Day cards and treats!

Parents may be interested in hosting a valentine box making party a week or so before Valentine's Day. This will give children a chance to share ideas, work together, and all have a valentine box when Valentine's Day comes!

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