Kid Craft: Paper Hand Flower Bouquet

Use your own hands to make a beautiful bouquet to give away as a gift!

Most people enjoy receiving flowers, but flower bouquets can be very expensive to buy, especially for children! Fortunately, children can make their own paper flower bouquet by using their own hands! To make this type of bouquet, you will need construction paper in many colors, paint, paint brushes, straws, glue, pencils, and string.

To start, have the children trace their hands on construction paper. Have each child trace their hand at least five times, preferably on a different color of construction paper each time. Next, dole out pairs of scissors and have children cut out their tracings. If the children want different sizes of flowers in their bouquets, have them share their tracings so that the sizes vary.

Next, take one of the construction paper hands and begin rolling one of the fingers around a pencil. When you unroll it, the finger should curl around. Do this to each of the fingers and the thumb on each hand. When each digit is curled, take the palm of the hand and curl it around so that the hand is now in the shape of a tulip. The fingers should curl to the outside of the center of the flower. The opening at the bottom of the flower should be very small, approximately the size of a straw opening. Glue the edges of the palm together to hold the shape of the flower. You may have to squeeze this part of the flower while it is dry to keep it from pulling apart.

Now it is time to paint the straws. Use green paint to paint the straws and let them completely dry before moving on to the next step. You can let the straws dry on wax paper, because wax paper will not stick to the paint as much as regular paper will.

Attach each flower to a straw stem by using glue. Do this to each flower. Let all of the glue dry. Cut a piece of string, gather all of the flowers into a bouquet, and tie the strong around the stems of the flowers to hold them in place.

There are a few extra touches that you can add to your bouquet to make it extra special. Try cutting out green leaves from construction paper. Glue a few of these leaves to each stem before you tie them together in a bouquet. For specific types of flowers, trace the hands on white paper. Then cut out the hands and decorate them like specific flowers. This works well for making lilies. When the paper has been colored like the specific type of flower, curl the fingers and glue the flower together like you would normally do. You can add glitter to the edges of your flowers for an extra bit of sparkle. You can also add beads to the string that you use to tie your bouquet together. When your bouquet looks just like you want it to look, put it in a vase or give it to someone who is very special to you!

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