Kid Craft Snacks: Autumn Gumdrop Trees

Learn about a few fun snack ideas to share with your children. Playing with your food can be fun!

Keeping snack time fun and creative for your kids is not always easy. What if your kids were allowed to play with their food, though? This snack is a snack and craft all in one. If you want to treat your kids to a fun snack time, make sure you have the following:

-Assorted gum drops

-Assorted pretzel rods

-Paper plates

Give each child a paper plate. Start doling out different sizes of pretzels. You can use the knotted pretzels, short pretzel sticks, large pretzel rods, and any other type of pretzels that you can find. Next, pass out assorted sizes of gumdrops. Most candy stores will have a variety of gum drop sizes. Try to use red, orange, yellow, pink, green, and white gumdrops for this snack, as they show the autumn colors. Now, tell your kids to start building their own gum drop trees, and try to build one yourself! The kids can use the gumdrops to stick pretzels together. They may have to break the pretzels into different sizes, or use two gumdrops together. The goal here is to get their creative juices flowing. You can even have awards at the end of snack time: one for craziest tree, most realistic tree, funniest looking tree, tree with the most gumdrops, tree with the most pretzels, biggest tree, smallest tree, and so on. Make sure that everyone gets an award! When everyone has finished making their trees and all awards have been given out, everyone can enjoy their sweet and salty snack!

Always make sure that kids are safe when snacking. Do not use this snack with very young children. Make sure that each child gets his or her own portion and that no children share their snacks, as you do not want to spread germs!

This idea also works well with pretzels, red vine licorice, and colored chocolate candies. Children can make faces from these items! The licorice can be used for hair, the pretzels for noses and ears, the colored chocolate candies for eyes, and so on. In fact, you could bring in an entire array of candy and have a contest to see who can make the most realistic face and the funniest face. Let the children be creative and suggest their own ideas for this type of snack. You might be surprised at the amazing things they can come up with!

Another great snack idea is to use vegetables to make faces. Not only is this snack healthier than the candy snacks, but it is also just as amusing for adults as it is for children. You might be surprised at how many faces already "exist" within vegetables. Some great face-like vegetables include tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, yams, and carrots. Make sure you wash all produce before doing this sort of snack activity, and once again, do not let children share their snacks. You can either use whole vegetables to make faces, or cut them into pieces to create new artwork. Keep some lettuce and a bottle of salad dressing nearby so that when everyone is done, each person can have a fantastic salad!

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