Free Kid Crafts: Decorated Keepsake Jar

Learn how to make a fabric covered, lidded, keepsake jar: a place where you can hide your secret items! A great craft to do with the kids.

Kids tend to be very unorganized. They can lose small objects easily and often toss items around their rooms. What if you could help your kids create a place to put their special tokens? If you are looking for a way to help your kids organize the little things, like jewelry and collectibles, then try this craft! In order to make a decorative keepsake jar, you will need the following materials:

-Glass jars

-Paint and paintbrushes


-Rubber bands




-Craft glue

Step One: Collect at least one glass jar for each child that will be making a decorative keepsake jar. You can use the jars from baby food for smaller items, or even bigger spaghetti sauce jars. Make sure that you thoroughly clean all jars, either with soap and water or in the dishwasher. If the jars have paper on the outside that will not come off, soak them in hot water and then try to scrub off the paper with the rough side of a kitchen sponge. If this does not work, try using vinegar to scrub off the rest of the paper. Dry the jars with a kitchen towel or let them air dry.

Step Two: Let your kids pick a few colors of paint and have them paint the inside of each jar. Painting the inside of the jar keeps the paint from chipping off around the house. It also gives the paint a neat, glossy effect. Glitter paint looks especially nice on the insides of jars. You can allow the paint to dry completely while you are completely the next two steps.

Step Three: Have each child cut a square swatch of fabric. Take the lid from each jar and set the fabric over the center of the lid. Use a rubber band to secure the fabric around the top of lid so that the fabric fans out from the lid. This may not work with all lids, so when you are looking for glass jars to use for this project, check to see if a rubber band will set over the lid.

Step Four: Cut a strip of ribbon and tie it around the lid to cover up the rubber band. Tie a bow to secure the ribbon. A thick ribbon usually works best to cover up the rubber band, but this will depend on the thickness of the lid.

Step Five: Screw the lid back onto the jar. Next, using the craft glue, apply the rhinestones to the outside of the glass jar, or to the fabric on the lid of the jar, or both! Let the glue dry. You now have a new keepsake jar! No one can see what is inside because of the paint, and yet they still look good.


-These keepsake jars can be using around the house to decorate, and they can also become great hiding spots for mom and dad! If you have a special present that you are trying to hide, try storing it inside a keepsake jar. They are also a great place to hide cash.

-Remind your children that they should not put anything into their jar that is living or that might spoil. No one wants to find dead frogs or stinky rotten cheese inside of a keepsake jar!

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