Kid Crafts: Shamrock Mobile

Cut out and make a shamrock mobile with yarn and other crafts.


1. Green yarn or string.

2. Green construction paper or green plastic foam meat/vegetable trays (from your grocery store). If not green you can paint them with craft paint or spray paint.

3. Eyes - you can use yarn to make your own, use the wiggle eyes from your local craft store, or draw your own on construction paper and cut out and glue.

4. A ring cut from cardboard/poster board or plastic bottle about an inch thick. This serves as the top.

5. Craft glue or glue stick.

6. Stick on decorations or cut out designs(small) to add to ring or shamrocks.


1. Draw three or four shamrocks on foam tray and cut out. If you want you can add extra items to hang with the shamrocks such as a few stars or cresent moons or whatever design you decide, but you'll have to cut out extra string for them if you do.

2. Glue on eyes with craft glue or glue stick.

3. Paint ring white or whatever colors you like with craft paint or spay paint. Once dry you can add your cut-out decorations.

4. Punch hole (with hole puncher) through top of each shamrock and tie with yarn. Tie yarn at holes to keep from slipping through.

5. Punch hole through ring and pull yarn through to tie together at top. Your yarn measurements should be:

10" long

12" long

14" long

Don't forget to cut extra yarn if you add other designs with your shamrocks. Hang from ceiling or use plant brackets to hang from side of wall in your room.

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