Free Kid Crafts: Top Secret Journal

Kids can make their very own top secret journal for writing down their deepest, darkest secrets.

All kids need a place to keep their private thoughts exactly that: private. This craft can let a child create his or her own place to store pages and pages of private thoughts. If you want to let your child make his or her own top secret journal, pick up the following supplies from your local craft store:

-8x11 foam sheets

-plain white or lined white paper

-ribbon, yarn, or string

-hole punch

-decorative foam pieces

-Elmer's glue

-Stapler and staples

-permanent marker

-decorations: beads, sequins, glitter, pictures

Step One: Take two sheets of foam and put them together. Punch holes along the outside of each edge, until you have holes along all four edges. You should be able to fit approximately six holes on the longer sides and four holes on the shorter sides. If your craft store carries decorative hole punches, you may want to pick a few up, as they look very nice on this project.

Step Two: Make a booklet out of the white paper. Collect ten to twenty sheets of paper and fold them in half to make a booklet. Staple the folded side of the booklet together. This will be the writing tablet that will go inside the journal.

Step Three: Open the two sheets of foam that you punched holes in. Place the writing tablet in the middle of the back sheet of foam. Set the front sheet of foam on top of the back piece and writing tablet so that the punched holes line up again. Cut a very long strip of ribbon, yarn, or string. Begin to loop the string in and out of the punched holes, starting in the lower right hand corner and moving clockwise. Leave a bit of excess yarn, string, or ribbon when you start. Go all the way around the rectangle until you reach the lower left hand corner again. Trim the excess bits of string so that they match in length, and then tie them together in a bow.

Step Four: Decorate the front and back pieces of foam with beads, glitter, sequins, foam pieces, markers, and so on. Be creative. You can make the journal obvious by writing Top Secret Journal on the front, or you could leave it blank. You can also make a collage on the front of the journal. This collage can represent things you are interested in, things you collect, words cut out of magazines that describe your interests or personality. If you use glue, make sure it dries before you try to open up your journal to write inside of it.

Although this journal is not completely top secret, having to untie ribbon is a deterrent for most journal readers. Kids can keep this journal in a secret, hidden place and can bring it out to write in when no one else is around. While other may not want to spend the time to untie the journal, the journal's owner will and will appreciate the idea of having private thoughts that no one else can read.

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