Kid Games: Creating Games About A Child's Favorite Story Books

If your child likes to read, check out these tips and instructions for creating games about your child's favorite story book.

It's a fact that children love books-- and most children have that one special story book that they like to read over and over again. If you already spend time reading with your child, you can add to your child's enjoyment by doing interactive activities together after you read. If your child has a favorite story book, why not create a game that you can play together based on that story?

Depending on your child's age, the game can involve drawing, reading or puzzle solving. Here are some ideas for how to create a game about your child's favorite story book:

-- Puzzle games. Using your personal computer, try making a word search game or a crossword puzzle using words and characters from the book. Check online for crossword and other puzzle templates.

-- Drawing games. Have your child illustrate the story in his or her own way. Read a portion of the story to your child, and then ask him or her to draw a picture of each of the characters. Or, create a "mural" together by covering your kitchen table completely with white gift wrapping paper or drawing paper. Make a huge portrait depicting all of the characters and scenery from the story.

-- Play acting. Using felt, markers and glue, make finger puppets and act out the story with your child. You can also make puppets out of brown paper bags. Have your child draw the faces of the characters from the book. Use real life props when you act out the story. For instance, if the character in the story is eating an apple, be sure to have an apple on hand for your play . Try to present your production to an audience, like Daddy or your other children.

-- Memory game. Draw or copy pictures of several different items and characters from your child's favorite book. Copy two sets of each picture onto lightweight card stock and cut into identical sized squares. Spread out all of the cards face down and use them to play a memory matching game with your child. Each player gets to turn two cards over at a time and whoever gets the most matches wins!

--Musical games. Write a song about the book and sing it together. For extra fun, pull out the video camera and record a "video" of your hit song.

--Scavenger hunt. Create a list of items mentioned in the book. Send your child on a scavenger hunt to find all of the items on the list.

--Fill in the blanks. Rewrite the story with your child by reading it together, leaving out key words. Have your child replace the words with silly words. This game works best with an older child, so you can ask the child to name a noun, a verb, etc.

-- Rhyming games. Choose key words from the story and have your child tell you all of the words that he or she knows that rhyme with those words.

--Flash cards. Draw or copy pictures from the book and make flash cards on cardstock. Have your child identify the object or character on the card.

-- Dress up game. Dress your child up as his or her favorite character from the book. Play along by dressing up as well. Your child will enjoy the time you spend together celebrating his or her most beloved story book!

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