Kids Activity And Play: How To Make A Child's Animal Costume

Your son or daughter can have hours of fun dressing up like an animal in their own costume! Learn how to make a kitty cat or a roaring lion with these tips and instructions.

Children have fun playing dress up, and dressing up in an animal costume always makes them smile. Whether it be for Halloween, a costume party, or just for fun, you can make your child an animal costume with just a minimal investment.

If your child is a little girl, she probably would be thrilled to dress up like a kitty cat. To make this costume, you'll need a black body suit that is her size. Or, a pair of black tights, and a long sleeved, thin black shirt will do the trick too. Just make sure that the shirt is long enough to reach your child's waist. And, a thin black shirt will look better, more natural, than a thick shirt will.

You'll also need a pair of black shoes, boots, or a pair of black slipper socks to fit your girl.

Unless the body suit is hooded, you'll also need to round up a black sweatshirt with a hood. Or, you can make a hood by stitching up a piece of fabric on your sewing machine.

Next, you'll need ears for the head of the animal costume. These ears can be made out of black construction paper or poster board. Simply draw two triangular ears with a lead pencil. Or, use a straight ruler to mark out the ears. Use a pair of scissors to cut them out of the construction paper or the poster board. Then, fill the inside of each ear into look like a cat. Use pink colored chalk or a magic marker to do this. Finally, tape them to the top of a black or clear plastic headband; the ears need to stand up.

The animal costume will also need a long, black tail. This can be made out of construction paper or poster board too. Attach it to the back of the costume with a safety pin.

Now that most of the animal costume is done, it's time to put it all together. So, have your child put the body suit or tights on, as well as the black shirt or hooded sweatshirt. If you had to stitch up a hood separately, have your child put that on too. Have her put on the black shoes, boots, or slipper socks too. Use white chalk to draw claws on each foot. Place the black or clear headband over the top of the hood.

Finally, place two black gloves or mittens over your girl's hands, and the animal costume is basically done! You can draw whiskers on her face by using black mascara. And, rouge can turn her nose pink, just like a kitty cat's is!

Boys usually like to dress up like a roaring lion instead of a kitty cat. Therefore, you can use the same idea to make an animal costume for your son. But, instead of black clothing, his clothing should be orange in color. And, when you make the ears, a lion has large, roundish ears, not triangular ones like a kitty cat.

To make the mane, you can use an orange piece of construction paper or poster board. Simply trace out a mane, and also trace out a hole in the middle of it to fit over your son's face. Cut the mane and the hole out with scissors. Then, either use a brown magic marker to draw lines on the mane, or, use the scissors to cut three to four inch slits all around the paper.

The lion costume will also need a long, large, orange tail. This can be made out of construction paper or poster board too. Attach it to the back of the costume with a safety pin.

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