Kids And Adult Craft Recipes: A Paper Fan Of Memories

A craft recipe for the whole family to enjoy, make a fan of memorable moments with your loved ones.

1 bottle of glue or glue stick or tape

12-20 pictures of the people or animals that you love and hold dear to your heart

1 large straw fan (you can get these at the flea market or a craft store). The straw fans are the same ones that you decor your house walls with.

Next you will need to put the pictures onto the fan and paste them into the weave of the fan.

You can also add constuction paper as backing or flowers onto the fan.

What I do is draw little pictures of fish and toys and stuff like bows and flowers all over the fan with a marker.

This is almost like a scrap book but instead of putting them into a book to pull out of the cabinet you just hang them up on the walls of your home.

What you could also do when you make your fan of memories is take the photos that you want to put in the fan and put them in a heat sleeve. What that will do is make it where the steam from the shower won't hurt your pictures. Another tip from my children would be to color every other piece of straw with a different color to make each and every Fan of Memories different.

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