Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Boys

Here are a few fun birthday party theme ideas for boys that won't break your budget.

Just about every boy goes through a phase when he thinks that dinosaurs are the coolest thing on earth. Since it might not be easy finding party hats and decorations to go with the dinosaur theme, it might be easier to make them. To make the hats buy several cheap dinosaur coloring books, color one dinosaur for each hat you plan to make then cut it out. Measure the circumference of your head and use that as a guide for making the hatbands. Cut hatbands that are at least two inches wide and as long as the guide length that you are using out of poster board. Glue a Popsicle stick to the middle of the hatband, and then glue the picture of the dinosaur to the top of the stick. Once all of the party guest have arrived help them fasten their hats onto their heads with a piece of tape that connects the ends of the hatband together.

The party decorations can be made by using the same coloring book pictures that were used to make the hats. Cut out the colored dinosaurs and display them throughout the party room on the walls and tables. Decorate plain plastic cups with dinosaur stickers to help build the theme up even more. For party favors give out small dinosaur coloring books with crayons, dinosaur stickers and small plastic dinosaur figurines. A custom ordered dinosaur cake could be ordered from the local bakery for the special occasion and dinosaur shaped foods such as cookies can be made to liven things up.

Many other themes can be done in the same way as the dinosaur theme if you are interested in planning a unique party. Cars are a very popular pass time with young boys and would make a great party theme using stickers, coloring books and little matchbox cars to decorate the room with and give out as favors. Animals would make an excellent birthday party theme if the birthday boy were an animal lover. Buy some cheap stuffed animals at the thrift store to help decorate and possibly some posters of animals could be hung up on the walls as well. If the boy likes one specific type of animal then try to make that animal the main focus and encourage the guests to wear a shirt or hat that depicts that type of animal to help with the theme. Of course, you can always go with the typical super hero theme or the latest cartoon character theme, because they tend to be the easiest themes to buy.

Most boys are easy to please, as long as the colors pink and purple or baby dolls and unicorns do not dominate the party theme. It should not be a problem to come up with a few fun, party theme ideas for young boys between the ages of three and twelve. Many party items can be found at local discount, department or dollar stores with prices that will not break the party budget. However if the theme requires some hard to find items you might want to shop at an actual party store. If you plan your party far enough in advance try looking for items that go with the theme chosen at the local thrift store and online. It is important to pick a party theme that the birthday boy is into at that stage in life, so be sure to ask him what theme he would like.

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