Kids Can Sew!

Kids can sew! Some simple and easy steps to teach a child to sew, with some simple projects for practice.

Children are usually fascinated by sewing. The needle goes in and out, and then two things are stuck together. Here are some simple projects that a child can easily do, and they will learn a valuable life skill for later without realizing they are learning.

Small children can start sewing with lace up cards. Find a picture in a magazine or a coloring book that they like, glue it on some lightweight cardboard (such as a cereal box) Cut it out and punch some holes around the edge with a hole punch. A shoelace becomes a 'needle' and thread. This becomes a wonderful rainy day project especially if you can find some multicolored shoelaces.

When your child has progressed from lace up cards, have them sew on buttons. Buttons are simple because the holes are prepunched and can be so much fun. A plain t-shirt can be decorated with multi-colored and shaped buttons.

You can also teach your child to hem a simple scarf, or hankerchief. If you choose a printed material then any stitches that are not perfect will show less. Many grandparents would be delighted to recieve a scarf that was made by your child as a gift.

When your child is ready to move on to a more complex project, have them make a needlebook, and matching pincushion. This could be the start of their very own sewing basket. A needle book is simply several pieces of felt about 3X8 that have been stitched together in the middle and hemmed.

Pincusions are simple, a square of tightly woven material, hemed and gathered, fill with stuffing, and maybe decorated with a small applique.

Your child will learn to mend thier own clothes, you will have taught your child a skill that will become invalueble as the get older and have homes of thier own.

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