Kids Craft Ideas: Gifts That Kids Can Make

Here's quite a list of homemade gifts that kids can either make by themselves or with very little adult assistance.

There are plenty of gifts that kids can make, some with little adult supervision, some require no assistance. One much appreciated gift is a dipped spoon. Adults boil a pan of water, then set another pan on top. Melt any flavor of chocolate bars (no nuts) and dip the spoons. After cooling, cover the spoon in plastic food wrap. Gather three or four of the spoons together and tie a ribbon around them. Kids can make a tag that has their name on it and the flavor of the spoon.

Make whimsical picture frames by twisting a pipe cleaner into a circle. This forms the head for the kid picture frame. Now use another pipe cleaner for the body, one for the arms and one for the legs. Fold a pipe cleaner in half, insert it through the circular pipe cleaner and bring the ends down and together. Twist. This will form the body. Use the next pipe cleaner by gluing it to the body pipe cleaner, turning the ends in a few inches to make loop hands. Fold the next pipe cleaner in half, glue it to the lower portion of the body pipe cleaner, and fold the ends up to make feet. Now use scraps of cloth to shape a shirt and pants, then glue the garments onto the pipe cleaners. Glue a laminated photo to the back side of the circular pipe cleaner, then glue on fake hair or a hat. Glue the kid to a base, like a miniature skateboard, so it will stand. You can use doll shoes, gloves and hats to further decorate the person. Besides people, you can make animal shapes or flowers.

Mix one part salt, one part water and two parts flour to make dough. Knead the dough, then cut out any shape. Hand prints are good, or you can cut out strips to roll and make beads. Using cookie cutters is a great way to get lots of cool shapes. Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the design before it dries, for tying a ribbon. After setting out on waxed paper to dry, paint the designs. You can make beads, stars, moons, diamond shapes and even Santa and reindeer or Christmas trees.

Children can make pillows to give to Mom or Grandma by simply cutting two squares and gluing them, wrong sides together, with fabric glue. Be sure and leave a small place at the bottom for turning the pillow. Turn the pillow right side out after glue has dried completely. Stuff the pillow, then stitch shut or use the glue and clothes pins to hold until dry.

Kids can decorate a styrene shape with buttons, sequin, beads, glitter or pieces of fabric, then stick in suckers to make a cute sucker tree. The project doesn't have to be tree-shaped, it can be a ball or a square.

Make quick magnets by using photos or cut-out pictures and laminating them. You can buy laminating sheets that have a flap that simply lifts for the insertion of the picture. Trim the picture and place it on a piece of self-stick magnetic sheet from the craft store. Trim to desired size. Bookmarks can be made in a similar manner, just forgo the magnetic sheeting.

Buy pin backs and small wooden shapes. Kids can paint and decorate the shapes with glitter or felt pieces, then glue to the pin back.

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