Kids Craft Recipes: Bubble Bath

Good clean fun can be yours instantly when you make your own bubble bath.

Look back into your childhood and I'm sure you'll remember the fun of bubbles. At our family get-togethers, it is usually the adults hogging all the bubble blowers as the kids jump frantically up and down trying to grab them away from us! You can buy bubbles at any department store and they aren't extremely expensive, however, they do get spilled quite a lot and why waste money on something you can create in your very own kitchen? Make a huge bucket of your own bubbles today and have a great time with the whole family! Here are two time-tested recipes:

Ocean Bubbles

1 Cup warm water

1/4 cup blue dish soap (Dawn works best!)

1 tsp salt

Mix until salt dissolves.

More Bubbles

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup dish soap

1 tbl cooking oil

mix and blow!

You can make bubble blowers out of ordinary household objects like plastic soda rings, twisty ties, soda bottles cut in half and almost anything your imagination can create. This is a great recycling project for kids and will keep them busy for hours.

If you have any bubbles left over, don't waste them...your bubble mixture will make a great window washing mixture, grab a squeegee and go! It will only take a few minutes and your glass will look great!

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