Kid's Crafts: Easy Craft Projects For Fall

These kids craft projects for fall are fun and easy. Included are instructions for a pumpkin photo frame and a craft foam ghost necklace.

Festive fall craft projects are a wonderful way to welcome the season. Creating autumn crafts will put you in the mood for enjoying Indian summer days and all of the festivities for celebrating this special time of year. These unique craft projects are great gifts for family and friends. They're fun and very easy to make for adults and kids of all ages.

You can create a very cool pumpkin frame that's great for displaying a favorite Halloween picture or fall photo. For this project you will need orange, green, and black craft foam, green pipe cleaners, craft glue, large plastic eyes, a pencil, a fine-tip black marker, craft scissors, masking tape, a magnet with adhesive backing, a craft knife, and a favorite photograph.

Begin by drawing the shape of a pumpkin on a sheet of orange craft foam. Make sure the outline of the pumpkin is large enough to cover the photo you want to frame. Just below the center of the pumpkin, draw a large open mouth complete with teeth and a big happy grin. Make sure the mouth is large enough to accommodate the photo you have chosen. Draw a stem and a few pumpkin leaves on the green craft foam. Draw a triangular shaped nose of appropriate size on the black craft foam. Cut out all of the shapes using craft scissors. Place something such as a piece of cardboard under the pumpkin, and carefully cut out the interior of the mouth using a craft knife.

Glue the eyes and nose above the mouth of the pumpkin. Glue the stem to the back of the pumpkin, and glue the leaves near the stem on the front of the pumpkin. Cut the green pipe cleaners into four equally sized pieces, and curl them around the end of the pencil. Glue the curled pipe cleaners to the backs of the leaves and the stem. Set it aside to dry.

Add details to the pumpkin photo frame by drawing lines on the leaves to represent veins, and draw the edges of the mouth to complete a big toothy grin.

Complete the frame by cutting and applying magnetic strips to the back. Use small strips of masking tape to attach a photo to the back of the frame. You can now proudly display your favorite fall photo on your refrigerator, or you can give it away as a special gift to someone you love.

Make a spooktacular ghost necklace using craft foam and colorful beads. For this project you will need white craft foam, 2 black pony beads, 2 white pony beads, 2 yellow pony beads, 2 orange pony beads, and lettered beads to spell out the word "Boo". You will also need a 26-inch white nylon cord, a 5-inch long 1/8-inch wide piece of orange satin ribbon, craft scissors, a paper punch, craft glue, a pencil, and a fine-tip black marker.

Begin by drawing the shape of a ghost on the craft foam. Make it about 4 inches tall with outstretched arms. Use craft scissors to cut out the ghostly shape, and use a paper punch to make a hole in each hand. String the nylon cord through the back of one hand, and begin stringing the beads. Start with an orange bead, and follow it with the other colored beads. Put the word "Boo" in the center, and finish stringing the beads in the same order as those on the other side. String the cord through the front of the hand, and tie the two ends together.

Draw a face on your ghost with a fine-tip black marker. You can make it silly, scary, or happy. Use your imagination to create a unique expression.

Finish your craft foam ghost necklace by tying a bow using orange satin ribbon and gluing it to the ghost's neck with craft glue. Press it firmly in place, and set it aside to dry.

You will love making these unique craft projects for fall, and you will love giving them away as gifts. They're so easy to make you can design several to give to teachers, grandparents, and others who appreciate homemade crafts. They are a great way to observe the coming of fall, and those you give them to will display them proudly year after year.

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