Kids Crafts: How To Make A Finger Puppet

Easy crafts for children, make finger puppets using everyday macaroni. These finger puppets are fun for kids of all ages and there is no sewing involved.

Kids Crafts: How to make a finger puppet

Are you looking for an easy craft for children that will give them endless hours of enjoyment?

Below you will find a great finger puppet project that can be used for children of all ages. The finger puppets are called Macaroni finger puppets. These neat puppets are so easy to make that a preschool child will have little to no trouble making them. This project will take about twenty five to thirty-five minutes from start to finish, depending on the drying time.

Macaroni Finger Puppets Supplies needed:

Assorted wood beads (for the head)

Wiggly eyes (found in craft department stores)

Rigatoni pasta unlined if you can find it and naturally colored like green (spinach pasta), and red (tomato pasta) if you can't find rigatoni that is naturally dyed and unlined, then use regular lined rigatoni for the body.

Elbow macaroni can be used for arms and curly tail

Penne macaroni (long tube pasta) can be used for arms or legs.

White craft glue that in nontoxic

Colored construction paper



Shape templates optional

Markers or paints nontoxic to color in the pasta.

Paper plates, one for each child

Q-tips, give two for each child for applying the glue.

Instructions to assemble macaroni finger puppets:

Have children decide what kind of character they want to create.

Give children a paper plate to gather together their choices. Choose first the wooden bead for the head. Then have the children choice what kind of arms their character will have, if they want long arms use the penne pasta or short arms use the elbow macaroni. They can also add a tail using either the penne pasta for a long tail or the elbow macaroni for a short curly tail. After all the children have decided on each of their pieces for their finger puppet, have them sit at the table. Give each child a small paper cup with a small amount of white nontoxic craft glue in it. You can trim down the sides of the paper cups, so that the children will have an easier time getting out the glue with a Q-tip.

Direct, the children in assembling their puppets following the five easy steps listed below.

Putting the macaroni finger puppet all together:

Glue wiggly eyes to wood bead head, to create a face draw a nose and mouth with markers.

While the face is drying, have children color in their macaroni body parts if not already colored, using paint or markers.

Apply glue to the bottom of the wood bead and apply glue to one end of the rigatoni and push together gently, to secure the wood bead to the top of the rigatoni. This creates the head and body base.

Choice what kind of arms your character will have, wither you want long arms use penne pasta or short arms use elbow macaroni. You can also add a tail using either penne for a long tail or elbow macaroni for a short curly tail. Put a small amount of glue on one end of the pasta and push gently to the body base to secure, hold in place for a few minutes so that it is securely in place. Allow drying for at least five minutes.

While body is drying have children draw shapes on the construction paper, for example wings for a butterfly or shapes for clothes. After the finger puppets body is dry, apply the shapes by adding glue to the shapes and gently pressing them onto the finger puppet. Let dry for five more minutes. Check finger puppet after five minutes to see if it is completely dry. If puppet has fully dried allow children to play with their finger puppets. Have fun!

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