Kids And Fighting

Are you having problems with your kids fighting at home and at school, let's think of ways to change his behavior for the better, we can.

Is your child starting to fight a lot? Sure, children can get very frustrated and angry: we all have moments when we feel that way, but it is all in teaching our children how to handle situations that cause them to be frustrated and angry. You'll need to teach the children how to negotiate and compromise when they have problems with others and you can. I hope my suggestions will be of help.

If your child is pushing another then just tell them very firmly that you will not tolerate this action: tell them to tell a person their reasons why they don't like their behavior by using the correct words, not by pushing or shoving. Then ask one child what each wants from the other: this can certainly help. Take action when you see this

happening, do not wait for it to get out of hand and perhaps develop into a bad fight: this is your obligation as a parent to your child. Remember, you are the parent and he is the child, don't ever forget this.

If your child has his friend over and they start to argue, even push, hit or shove, then maybe your child will realize this other person likes to start things. Who knows, your child could be the problem. Be very fair and ask each person what is the problem and try to solve it so that

there are no hard feelings. If it is just a verbal

argument, you may not need to get involved as most children 'argue' as do adults, and can work things out

themselves between the two people involved. Give

them a chance before you step in to solve things.

Sometimes if they are arguing or fighting you'll need to step in and put a stop to it, but please don't take sides right away. Tell them they need to have a few minutes apart: separate them and send one to one part of the room and the other to another part. Then ask them for ideas and also see if they know the solution to solving the reason for the argument.

Give children a choice: tell them they can work out their problems without your stepping in and yes they can most of the time, but tell them that it is not acceptable to push, shove or hit the other in your home or away from home.

Remember, just as it is with adults problems can be solved and sometimes even you as an adult need a little help from a third person, and it's not a bad thing to have someone help work out their problems with their friends.

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