Kids Party Ideas: Do's And Dont's

Ideas for a kids party and teach etiquettes to your child. Make the party warm, fun & memorable.

Every parent wants to teach their child good manners when it comes to having their birthday party or any other type of party. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that will help make your party a hit.

Do make every guest feel welcome. You and your child should greet everyone with a handshake and a smile.

Do thank every guest for coming to the party when it is over. Again the child can thank the guest for the gift.

Do expect any child under the age of 5 years old to bring a parent with them. You might want to have some drinks and food for the parents who are staying.

Choose a game that every child can win at least once. Everyone should feel like a winner.

Do let your child open the gifts at the party in front of the guests. Children love to see their gift opened that they bought for the special birthday boy or girl.

Do not let your child hand deliver invitations to school or church. Mail each guest a invitation.

Don't break the bank. Parties should be fun. Make as many things as you can. Let your child help, they know what children like to do at parties. Keep the number of guests down by inviting the number of guests equal to the child's birthday age. IE: Pamela is turning 8 so she can invite 8 children to her party.

Do not bring any other siblings to the party, they were not invitied. Get a friend to watch your child.

Do not forget to send out a thank you card as soon as possible. Let your child sign his or her own name.

Do remember that parties are to be fun, so let your child help in as many ways possible.

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