Kids Party Supply Ideas

If you are throwing a party for kids, your number one priority should be keeping them entertained by stocking up on fun supplies.

Parties for kids can be tons of fun, but if you aren't prepared with some kid-friendly party supplies, your young guests are not going to be satisfied. Above all, the most important thing about throwing a kids' party is preparation. Kids need to be entertained and stimulated - they don't come to parties for casual conversation and hors d'oeuvres. Therefore, you have to have the supplies to back up the party fun - and plenty of them. Here are some party supply ideas that will keep all those kids happy and entertained:


There is something about water balloon fights that really transcends the ages. Water balloon fights are probably something that you enjoyed as a child, and believe it or not, your kids will love it just as much as you did - it's a truly timeless party activity. When it comes to water balloon fights, the more balloons the better. Purchase enough balloons so that each child's artillery includes at least twenty balloons. Look for balloons that are intended to be used as water balloons rather than just getting regular balloons. Regular balloons can work, but sometimes their "skin" is thicker than actual "water balloons," so when they are thrown, they might not explode (and what's the fun in that?). Before the party, fill up the water balloons yourself so that you don't have to take the time to do it during the party. By the way, if you are planning to include a water balloon fight in your party itinerary, make sure you let all the kids' parents know so that they can dress their children accordingly or they can send their kids over with a change of clothes for after the balloon fight.


They'll all scream for ice cream"¦ especially if you let them make their own delicious, indulgent sundaes. Sundae making may sound like a sticky, messy, disastrous kids' party idea, but it can be set up in such a way that the mess is contained. If the weather is nice, set up a sundae table outside - that way, you can clean everyone up before they re-enter your lovely home. If you can't go outside for the party, just set up the sundae station in the kitchen and make sure that all the kids wash their hands before they retire to whatever room you are going to send them into to eat their creations. Your sundae station should include all of the necessary ingredients to make over-the-top sundaes: at least three flavors of ice cream (make sure to include the basics - chocolate and vanilla), chocolate and rainbow sprinkles (also knows as jimmies), chocolate syrup (not the hot fudge kind - just a squeeze bottle of syrup), caramel syrup, marshmallow syrups, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, maraschino cherries, nuts, and assorted small candies. To be safe, make sure that you tell all of the kids' parents about the sundae station - if there is a lactose intolerant child in the mix, you are going to want to know that so you can come up with an alternative for that child.


Piñatas are always a real hit at kids' parties. For some reason, hitting a fake colorful animal with a stick while being blindfolded just never seems to get old! You can find a piñata at your local party supplies store, and they come in an array of styles and sizes. Depending on the number of children that are attending the party, you may want to get more than one piñata - you want to be sure that every child gets at least one turn. This is a really fun activity, but make sure that it is safe as well -- supervise the kids so that nobody hits another kid with the stick rather that hitting the piñata with it.


Dress up is great fun. Kids love exercising their imaginations and role-playing with each other. Supply them with such things as cowboy hats, berets, aprons, old Halloween costumes (cleaned, of course), an old suit jacket, bowties and neckties, and gaudy costume jewelry. Encourage the kids to come up with a little performance to go along with their funny costumes.

Other great supplies to include are hula hoops, jump ropes, board games, and water guns.

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