Kids Pool Party Ideas

Kids pool party ideas! Decorate the outside with balloons and plan fun activities for the children to play.

A pool party is a great way to have fun with your children. You can celebrate a birthday, the end of school, relocation or you can have a pool party just to have fun.

There is a definite advantage to holding a pool party. By keeping the festivities contained outside, you minimize the activity inside your house. You won't have to worry about spilled drinks, dirty fingerprints, kids running or food on the sofa.

When you invite your guests, let the parents know your intentions (a pool party) and ask them about their child's swimming ability. Suggest a life jacket or water wings for those who are at a beginner level. Reassure all the parents that there will be an adult watching the children at all times.

In order to have a successful pool party you need the following:

· durable outside decorations

· music

· fun activities for the children to play

· an alternative plan in case of inclement weather

· patient neighbors

· kids


Balloons are the all time favorite party decoration. In the case of a pool party, balloons play a multifunctional role. Blow up balloons, knot them and tie a string to the end. Hang balloons from the clothesline, from tree branches, attach them along a fence and along a deck railing.

Why not place balloons in the pool? Use a variety of sizes. Partially fill each balloon with water and then add air. Place these balloons into the pool and watch them float partially submerged on the water surface. The water in the balloons keeps them from blowing away and makes it fun for the kids to throw them. If they are completely filled with water, they will sink to the bottom of the pool.

For a great surprise, have these water/air balloons in the pool before the children arrive. The look on their faces when they see the pool filled with balloons is priceless.


Every party needs some music to fill the air. As you are having an outside party, remember to be courteous of your neighbors. Play music that is geared to the age group of children you have attending your party. Make sure your system is in an area where the children will not go and where it will be free from water.


Every party needs a couple of structured activities to keep the children amused.

Before the party begins, fill water bomb balloons with water and knot them. Place all the water bomb balloons in an empty plastic laundry basket and store the basket out of site. Having a water balloon fight is a great way to get all the children participating in an activity.

Keep a couple of water bombs for a game of hot potato. Gather the children in a circle and begin the music. Each child passes the water bomb to the next child until the music stops. The child who is left holding the water bomb gets soaked with the hose. Let the kids know at the beginning of the game what the penalty is if they are left holding the water bomb. Knowing that they will get sprayed with the hose will add excitement to the game. Of course, you may get a couple of kids that will hog the water balloon, because they want to get sprayed with the hose. The child that gets sprayed is out of the game, but he is also the one who gets to spray the next child left holding the water bomb. Continue the game in this manner, until you are down to one child. The winner gets to spray all the other children.

Invite all the participants to bring a water gun. This is a fun way for the children to burn their energy by running around spraying their friends. Instead of letting the kids play with the pistols whenever they want, have the water gun fun an activity. Restrict the children from using the pistols at other times or you will have some of the children only playing with the pistols and more than likely aggravating the other children. Make sure you set the rules at the beginning of the game: no spraying above the chest. Let the children know, in advance, what the consequences will be if the rules are not followed. If a child continues to spray above the chest, restrict this child from using the pistols for the remainder of the party. You don't want a child to get hurt by being sprayed in the eye or face. Make sure you have extra water pistols just in case some children come without them.

Having other games available for the children to play is a good idea. You will find that some of the children will want to stay in the pool for the majority of the party and others will want to play other games. Badminton, volleyball, soccer and catch (with a plastic ball) are all fun games that the children can play either as an organized activity or on their own.

Alternative Plan

Every out door party should have an alternative plan, should the weather be uncooperative. A rain date is not a good alternative as many parents plan to run their errands during the scheduled party time. Instead, be prepared to have your party inside or arrange for another activity, such as bowling, mini golf or a movie.


Let your neighbors know in advance that your family will be hosting a pool party. This is a courteous gesture and your neighbors will appreciate your warning.


Arrange to have your party meal outside. This keeps the mess that is bound to occur with children, out of your house. You can have prepared sandwiches or cook hot dogs on the barbecue. Make sure that food is not left out in the sun to spoil. Keep the children out of the pool for at least 30 minutes after they have eaten.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you are guaranteed to have a successful party that the children will remember and cherish for a long time.

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