Kids Rooms: Design A Princess Themed Bedroom

elements you can use the make your princess bedroom complete

What little girl wouldn't love a princess themed bedroom? Whether the theme be generic or centered around a Barbie princess, here are some design elements you can use the make your princess bedroom complete.

Walls: Make your princess feel as if she is inside her own tower. Create a faux stone design on the walls, by measuring off large blocks, and color washing each block in different tone of beige. Create a couple of arched window openings in the design. In those "windows", create scenes. One scene can be a neighboring castle complete with moat and drawbridge. Another scene can be of the mountains. At the top of the wall, create a pattern that resembles the top of a castle wall.

Window treatments: Window treatments should be light and airy. Hang simple tab-top or tie-top sheer panels on a decorative iron rod. Instead of using a decorative rod, create a padded cornice board cut to resemble a crown. Add large jewels to each point on the crown.

Floors: You have many options for flooring in a princess room. You may want to go with comfort and use a neutral colored wall-to-wall carpet. On the other hand, you may decide to do something more authentic of a castle and use a faux stone or wood floor covered with soft throw rugs and faux animal skins.

Furniture: Furniture should be regal. Choose antique reproductions for your dressers, tables, and chairs. For your bed, choose a four-poster bed with canopy rails. Use a multi-layered canopy treatment to create formal looking canopy bed.

Bedding: For bedding, you have two options. You can purchase princess character sheets, and pillows, and accessories or you can purchase classic pieces. For classic princess type bedding, look toward colonial and country styles that include embroidery, eyelet and lace. Create multiple layers on the bed using a dust ruffle, pillow shams, down blankets, and top it all off with a soft floral duvet and more accent pillows. Look for pillow with saying embroidered on them like "princess", "angel", and the child's name.

Accessories: Finally, you will want to accessorize your little princesses' room with special accessories.

* Look for items that feature a frog to bring in the fantasy of kissing the frog and turning him into a prince.

* Purchase Disney licensed accessories, such as pillows, picture frames, throw blankets, and trinkets each featuring a different princess, or all featuring the same princess.

* Use the colors gold and purple in the room as those are the colors of royalty.

* You can purchase a lamp with a castle shaped base, or a highly decorative lampshade.

* Instead of a ceiling fan in the room, hang a crystal chandelier.

* An interesting accessory for an older princess would be a knight standing in the corner. This could be accomplished by purchasing a suit of armor and assembling it so it would stand. You may need to purchase a clothing dummy along with the suit of armor.

* A wonderful wall hanging you can create would be a faux glass slipper and a tiara in a shadow box along with and invitation to the ball. The invitation would be made on your computer and then aged.

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