Kids Rooms: Design A Tea Party Bedroom

Create a tea party bedroom theme to give your child a relaxing atmosphere.

A tea party bedroom is a perfect theme for a little girl. Such a room would train the child to relax and enjoy her free time while fueling her imagination. If you are going to create such a room, make sure it is functional. You should use the room according to its design. Therefore, you will need to make sure your tea party bedroom is actually usable for your and your child's tea parties.

Walls: The walls should be soft colored yet somewhat formal like a cottage dining room. Look for light colored wallpapers with stripes and faded flowers. Alternatively, you can hand paint the walls with ivory and rose colored stripes. If you would like to have a mural painted in the room, a simple park scene would be nice. Then you could center your tea party area in front of it.

Window treatments: Window treatments should be layered with sheers beneath floral panels with tiebacks. This well set a peaceful relaxing atmosphere for many leisurely afternoons.

Flooring: Since it is likely that beverages will be served in the room and spills can occur, it would be best to avoid wall-to-wall carpet. Instead, a wood or tile laminate floor would be nice with soft throw rugs near the bed and a resilient floor cloth beneath the tea party table.

Furniture: The room should be designed around a table and chair set for impromptu tea parties. If possible, set the table in the center of the floor under the light fixture. Install a dining room or teapot shaped light fixture in place of a bedroom light fixture. You can find such a light fixture in specialty shops online. A nice touch would be hand painting the table and chair set to mimic a table setting so it will look ready for a tea party even when the dishes are put away. White washed dressers and beds would compliment a tea party setting well. Use soft pastel colors allowing the furniture to fade into the background and the tea party furniture to stand out. Look for shabby chic style furnishings.

Accessories: Purchase a quality tea set complete with silverware, cups, pot, and plates. Purchase these items based on the personality of the child. If you are afraid they will break it, then buy plastic, but if a child is exposed to fine china at an early age, they will learn to take care with it. A good way to train a child to take care of fine china is to purchase two sets. One set should be fine china and displayed on shelving or a small curio cabinet. The second can be plastic, and the child will be able to graduate to the nicer set when they are ready to handle it.

For wall hangings, choose outdoor scenes of picnics and pictures of delicate little girls. In addition, arrange a wall with an assortment of decorative paints. You can paint these plates yourself, use rub-ons to decorate plain plates, or purchase miss-matched plates from the thrift store. In addition, install a shaker pegboard or a series of hooks around the room to hang floppy hats, boa's pretty dresses and gloves to dress up in for the tea parties.

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